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About this Journal
This livejournal is a forum for members of the linkshell WakingDream to document, in story format, the plots and twists of their characters and roleplaying sessions.

This is a story journal, based on the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XI.

The beginning is at the end, so check out the archive if you want to start at the start. January 3rd 2005 it began...
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Apr. 13th, 2005 @ 11:13 am the divine light of Altana
Voices.... laughter... pain...

Conscience difted in and out. Vauge memories of a dank, dark place. The smell of rotting flesh. Chanting, and incantations. Blood.. pain... It all swirled around Oberons...

Suddenly.... as if his soul was being pulled in all directions, a dark and forboding voice entered his head.


What? Give what? You will take nothing from me... who are you.. what are you...

And the pulling grew stronger...


Whos her? Satorii? No, You cannot have her....

PAIN! Like a Lightning bolt thru the brain....


And then it all stopped. The Pain. The Voice. And a white light blinded his vision. And before him was Satorii, or a vision of Satorii. But, she was dresses in all white. She spoke....

"I cannot save you from your Peril, Sir Knight. But I will protect you. As long as you hold your love for the "Chosen One" in your heart, then the Dark Lord cannot enter your mind.... He may control your very being, but never know the secrets of your heart"

Wait.. who are you...what are you. Where is Satorii? Is she safe?

The white figure before him, began to fade, and slowly the darkness engulfed him again....
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Apr. 13th, 2005 @ 09:14 am The fall into darkness
After the encounter with Satorii, Oberons drive for battle grew stronger. Ever since that battle with her attacker in the jungle had left him expossed and weak, he had vowed to himself that he wouldn't allow his "Feelings" for Satorii get in the way. So, like with all of his feelings of his entire life, he gathered them all up, bound them, and locked them away in the farthest part of his mind. Here, he was able to focus on his duty as a Paladin.
After Satorii encountered him in the Jungle, It was as if all those emotions were set free, and the flood gate was open. It all came rushing back, the feelings of love and passion, the need for her warm flesh and the smell of her skin against his own. His desire to touch her was great, but his sense of responsibility took control. He turned to her, stone cold, and told her that she should go. The hurt in Satorii's face was to great, and eventually she turned and walked away. He knew that he might never see her again, but he knew that this was probrobly for the best. Her life, of such great responsibility, would become more apparent.
It was after a few hours, lost in thought, that he battled deeper and deeper into the jungle. As he stumbled over memories of their past, and the possible outcomes of what may yet come to pass, that he noticed a peculiar sound. Silence. Not a chirp, wistle, or call. Complete silence, as if the world had stopped. It was then that he sensed danger, and he drew his sword. Suddenly, out of the trees dropped at least 10 men. Glancing around, he noticed they were haggard. Skin and bones, tightly drawn pale skin, and cloths that were in such ill repair that they hardly protected anything. Each of them carried a sword, which was held tightly in each hand.
Oberons, standing in his protective stance being surrounded by this pathetic band of thiefs, called out. "By Altana, Stand down your weapons, or I shall be forced to defend myself. If you surrender now, by my Honor as a Paladin, I will be sure that you all get a Fair and Honest trial. What sayeth you?"

They all began to laugh, but the sound was like nails against chalkboard, dry and eerie. As he looked around, he noticed one of the more vile ones step forward. "Stupid Elvaan, your chivalry has no bounds for the likes of us. We will take what we want, and deliver you to our master, for the reward that was promised ussssssssss..." As Oberon looked at this human, he then noticed the glowing green hue to his eyes. "Possesed" Oberons thought, but by what, and ordered by who? But the Paladin didn't have time to think up a response before the first attack came. With inhuman speed and agility the first wave of attacks came. Slashed and hurt, Oberons took a much stronger pose, and prepared for the second wave. One of the attackers slashed at him, and split open his sack of items, and his supplies fell to the soft jungle floor. But before he would counter attack the second wave came and went leaving him even weaker than the first. He cast a few magic spells to defend him and also to cure him, but to no avail. The attacks grew stronger, and every attack left him more helpless and defenseless. He was finally on his knees, unable to stand, his life force slowly escaping... and before him his eyes focused on a small golden ring... It was a ring given to him by Satorii, He reached out to pick it up, to hold it in his hand one last time... when suddenly... the darkness engulfed him...
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Apr. 12th, 2005 @ 04:36 pm (no subject)
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When Satorii awoke next, she was in bed with Tricky and could remember clearly the events that had led to them both being there. She sighed with relief, unable to express even in her internal dialogue how grateful she was to be in control of her body again.

Slipping carefully off of the bed, she gathered some clean bandages and re-dressed Tricky's wounds. She cried just a little, at his wounds and the sacrifice it must have taken to go fetch this strange device for a girl he hardly even knew.

Her emotions were a strange mix, and she knew that she could not leave him until he was able to care for himself. Oberons was still on her mind, and she knew she had to find him as soon as she was able to leave. Yet she found Tricky to be at the forefront of her thoughts, and the pain of Oberons rejection had lessened almost to a dull memory over this period of time she could not measure.

Still... Tricky had saved her from this evil presence singlehandedly. She softly cleaned his bloodstained sides with a warm wet towel. Tricky's breathing was light and even as he lay there, not moving. Sighing again, she sat next to him on the bed, brushing a stray bit of hair from his brow.

Letting out a long slow breath, Satorii momentarily leaned down to rest her head on Tricky's chest. She had no idea what to do with herself now. Whatever had inhabited her body had associated with strange people, trained almost to the point of exhausting her physical form, and ...had killed. She could sense only fleeting emotions, sensations, and memories of that time she was exiled into her own mind, but she knew she had taken life.

Tricky's energy changed just a little and she sat up to find him watching her. She smiled warmly at him.

"You're awake." she said, wiping at a tear that had found it's way down her cheek.

Tricky stirred, wincing a only a little at the holes she had pressed into his sides. Her eyes were pained as she watched him sit up, holding himself around the middle.

"So are you." he said, grinning and instantly setting her at ease.

Satorii was at a loss for words, but as she fumbled for the right thing to say she realized that words could never do justice to her feelings at this point. She embraced Tricky lightly, carefully, and thanked him.

He seemed to be taken aback, a little nervous about her embraces, but she assured him that he had saved her from the abyss. After establishing that his wounds were sufficiently healed to allow him free movement, Satorii explained -as briefly as she could- that she had to find Oberons. Tricky nodded his assent, and saw her off with a promise to stay out of trouble until he was in shape. Satorii bit back further conversation, anxious both to repair the damage she had done to Tricky and salvage whatever might be left of her friendship with Oberons.

As she ran from Windurst to Bastok and then back around to Jeuno she scolded herself for not staying with Tricky. At the same time, her temporary exile into oblivion had served as a sort of re-birth that had left her mentally and emotionally jumbled. Oberons had been her true love, or so she thought. Where had he been in this time of need?

Scolding herself further, she told herself he couldn't have known what was happening all the way back in Windurst. He was out fighting, HIS true love afterall, and they were supposed to be taking time away from one another. She hadn't drilled Tricky for exact times, but she knew she had been under the control of that thing for weeks. Months, maybe.

If he had met with her during her posession, she was almost sure it would have registered -even in the darkness. Perhaps it would have saved her. Either way, she had to see him. She had to know one way or the other what would happen between them.

As she traveled, alone and unsure of her own stability, she realized that whatever had taken over her body and mind had done so as a result of her own despair. She had truly lost control long before the darkness engulfed her. Losing what she thought was the only thing she'd ever wanted had done that. ...and that was no one's fault but her own.


After searching the jungles of Yhoator, Satorii finally came across the party she was looking for. Oberons was thrashing goblins with the strength of ten men, a gleam in his eye as he did it. He was looking fit, healthy, and when their eyes met he almost flinched.

Satorii approached cautiously, and the two of them stood off to the side for a moment. Satorii fiddled nervously with the hem of her garment as Oberons stoic face stared her down.

"I just...wondered where you've been all this time-" Satorii started the conversation, with no idea where to take it.

"I've been training." Oberons answers were short, he seemed almost annoyed with her. His hard exterior had always been painful for her -and this was no different.

"I've... been having a difficult time." She looked down shamefully, unsure how to explain the events of the past weeks.

Oberons bitterness stung as he replied, "I'm sure Tricky's been sufficient to comfort you in my absence." He looked off into the trees impatiently.

Satorii sighed and looked back up at Oberons, who wasn't looking back.

"After we all fought together I asked him to see you back safely," Oberons continued -his tone growing no softer as he spoke. "I hear he kept you company as well."

"I.." Satorii's feeble response was cut short by Oberons insistent rebuttal.

"-No, you don't have to explain yourself. We are friends, and always will be. I have much to accomplish right now, though. Being a paladin carries great resonsibility." He cleaned his sword off as he spoke, smoothly rubbing it's length with a jungle plant.

"I think it would be best if we continued to maintain our distance."

Satorii stood stunned, watching as Oberons calmly turned his back and walked toward his group. Just before reaching them he turned to her, his eyes burning with all the things he left unsaid.

"M'lady it isn't safe for you here. You should return from whence you came."

With a heavy heart, and an even heavier conscience, Satorii returned to Jeuno. Her affections for Oberons had changed yet again in the traumatic time they'd been apart, but his final statement made clear his resolve.

It would be no use to clarify for him what she'd been through. Satorii knew that now -and somehow she knew she could deal with it.

...but it wouldn't be easy.

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Apr. 10th, 2005 @ 08:09 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: deviousdevious
She had him right where she wanted him.

Tricky had come back to Windurst and met with his "friend" Satorii, and Suk intended to use him and destroy him.

Whether or not he had given her name to the authorities was unclear. He denied it, of course, but Suk was not prepared to risk further exposure. He was going to be her entertainment for the evening at the very least.

He led her to his mog house, telling her he had a gift. Satorii's face smoothly transitioned to an eager grin. How nice.

The room was cozy, smallish but comfortable. Tricky moved to the opposite side of the room, removing his shirt and making himself at home. Satorii immediately sat down on the bed. Her predatory gaze traveled over Tricky's form, and she grinned as she beckoned him over. "Come here now."

Tricky's eyes registered his solemn memories of such orders, but only for a brief second. She was in command, and his hunch about her possession became more solid with each passing moment.

Immediately his face and tone became playful again as he crawled on hands and knees toward the bed. "You sound like one of those San d'Orians with their playthings," he said.

Satorii just grinned and patted the bedding beside her. Once he was prone, laying back on the pillows and watching her intently, Suk Abida the demon began her playtime.

She was so intent on her physical advances, she didn't notice he had removed from his knapsack a small circlet. As she pulled him up from the bed, sitting astride him, he lifted the circlet over her head.

"For my queen," he purred, placing the tiara on her head. Even to this creature of the Shadow lands his charisma was disarming. She laughed callously for an instant only -then a strange mechanical voice emanated from the tiny machinery in the headpiece. Tricky lay back on the bed again, folding his fingers together underneath his head. He waited for the show to begin.

"engaging device in three...two...one..." Satorii's body stiffened, her face frozen in a mixture of shock and wrath. Her fingers splayed toward Tricky's abdomen, gripping his sides and digging into his flesh just barely.

Tricky winced as her nails slowly entered his skin. Her eyes squeezed shut as tiny blue arcs of electricity danced around the circlet crowning her head. The machine whirred softly as it worked; some ancient technology that he had brought back from his latest adventure.

Suddenly, Satorii's eyes jolted open revealing blackness, the blue sparks flashing in their depths. She began to scream, voices mingling and coming out as one through her electrically charged vocal chords. Her fingers were now burrowing into Tricky's bare sides and he grabbed her wrists tightly.

A slow hiss began to escape Satorii's lips, longer than a normal breath could ever be... Gradually a shadowy vapor became visible, slipping out in a small cloud that floated up toward the ceiling and out of the room.
As the blue arcs begain to slowly fade, the cries became less alien and gradually were Satorii's alone. Her eyes closed again and she fell forward onto his chest, limp and unconscious.

Pulling her fingers out of his sides with a sickening wet noise, Tricky sighed and let his head fall back again. His wounds were flowing now, and the blood loss was considerable. He passed out.

"Device activation complete. Shut down in three... two... one..."

....Several minutes later, Satorii awakened to find herself lying on top of a bleeding and half naked Hume. She pulled the circlet off of her head and frantically climbed onto the floor. As she gathered a wash basin and clean towels she noticed her fingers were stained crimson. She choked back a sob as she cleaned and bandaged the wounds she had obviously inflicted.

Tricky's pulse was weak, but still there. His blankets had absorbed much of the lost vitae, and as she finished her bandaging job, Satorii pulled the sticky-wet bedding out from underneath him. He didn't stir.

Placing the bloody materials on a side-table in the room, Satorii climbed onto the bed and fell asleep -curled up next to her savior with her head on his shoulder. As she drifted off to sleep she knew that she owed him her life.

Her sleep was fitful but deep... she was finally back.
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Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 02:34 pm (no subject)
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...Tricky's voice, some strange person talking about him...

Satorii's mind was still intact -but barely. She floated in a strange place, somewhere between the grey edges of consciousness and the abyssmal void of something cold and unexplored. She clung to the greyness, hoping for a better foothold, and waited through the excruciating periods of nothingness.

...She felt herself training, her magics becoming more powerful, and her captor delighting in wicked emotions. She knew that if she ever escaped from this torment inside herself she'd have plenty of damage to fix -she just had no idea what that damage might be.

As Satorii's mind waited in stasis, catching bits and pieces of her body's interactions with others, the creature controlling her revelled in physical existence...


It had been several weeks since her late-night collision with Tricky, and Suk Abita had been lusting for something to incriminate her captive ever since. She had traveled with adventurers, visited Satorii's friends and aquaintances, and successfully convinced all of them that everything was normal within Satorii's innocent-looking body.

Suk Abita was a minion of the Shadowlord, this was nothing important in her role as demonic posessor as far as she was concerned. She did her lord's bidding and enjoyed whatever spoils she could find along the way. This particular adventure was bringing her much joy. She revelled in the physical sensation that all these beings around her took for granted, and she thrilled even more at occasionally taking it away from one of them.

As she partied in the dunes one sunny afternoon, she ran into Tricky again. During the brief intervals between fighting monsters, she attempted to feign Satorii's innocence while still flirting with him. It wasn't her bag, really, and she found herself shooting him wanton glances and toying with his body more and more frequently.

...Eventually they found themselves in Sarutabaruta farming and occasionally "protecting" the you adventurers, as Tricky was so fond of doing. She struggled tp understand this conflicted human, a thief and a playboy one minute, and watching out for the weak and pathetic the next.

As Suk enjoyed her time in the world, and her proximity to Tricky, she felt her controls slipping a little at a time. Just as the naive Satori had let her grip loosen due to the drink, Suk was intoxicated by the fresh air on her newly inhabited skin, the rush of energy when she took a life away, and the nearness of such a physically appealing male who she thought was relatively willing to fulfill her needs.

She began to eye larger and more complex prey, eventually unable to draw her attentions away from a Taru adventurer who frequently crossed their path. Finally, while Tricky was distracted by his own commentary and looking the other way for a moment, she went too far.

Casting Firaga on the defenseless Taru, and watching him burn with an un-restrained glee in her eyes, Satorii frightened Tricky a little too much. He registered his distaste, and momentarily questioned her about her seemingly fickle attitude regarding the life she had ended. Suk fought back the smiles and quips and did her best to maintain a look of concerned regret. It wasn't easy, and frankly -she was getting tired of pretending to be this Satorii who seemed so concerned with righteousness. She could feel the Mithra's life force dwindling, her soul fading out of existance; even as she felt it bucking and fighting when she did some horrible deed. Suk laughed as Trickky ran towards Windurst to report the Taru's death.

Moments later, as she was nuking on another small party of adventurers, a visitor came. Suk turned to meet him, Tatari he was -but she recognized within him another of her comapanions.

"You are another of our Master's servants" she said in her own voice, abandoning Satorii's for the moment. Tatari nodded slowly, smiling at his kindred. Behind him, Suk/Satorii noticed a small Mithran female adventurer standing and looking on. Suk attempted to introduce herself. She sensed a certain mercenary abandon to this Mithra's aura, and it was a feeling she enjoyed.

Alleykatt, that was her name. Suk searched the cat-woman's mind for other information but was not able to sense much from her. She was very well guarded, and refused even a handshake. Suk smiled, spreading Satorii's face into a menacing parody of itself.

"We shall meet again, I'm certain." She said, joining Tatari in a slow stroll back to Windurst. This Alleykatt was important somehow... and as for Tricky... Well, his report had better be ambiguous.

"We may have a small matter to attend to in the town," she told Tatari's demonic resident. "Someone may be on to us."

The two of them grinned in harmony, delighting at the potential for more devilish torture.

(to be continued)
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Apr. 3rd, 2005 @ 11:46 am The next day...
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Tricky left for Bastok that same night, just as the sun was beginning to rise. He hadn't the courage to check in on Satorii, partially because he still wasn't sure what was going on, but also because of his shame in having abandoned her at a vulnerable moment. He had been more open with her than almost anyone else he had met during his travels, and she had given him a great deal of comfort during some rough times... He steeled himself and straightened his features. This was the only way he knew to repay that favor.
Tricky had held many jobs over his lifetime: shipwright, sailor, circus hand, Thief, and so on. But there were few jobs he had held that gave him more spiritual comfort than as a Tarutaru grade school teacher in Windurst. It was after he had escaped from his cell in the Sand'Orian Royal Prison that he came to settle in the lush green city, and the easy going nature of the people there made him feel that it was a safe place to call home. Tricky had always had an obsession with maps, and a fear of being lost, stemming from an incident in his childhood, which, as he grew, branched out into a greater general need for knowledge. Windurst was known worldwide for it's many magic schools, but also for their massive Library, which was housed in the Optistery, the school of visual learning. During the long, slow stretch of time in which he laid low, and tried to build some sort of stable life for himself, and those books had been a great comfort to him. They numbered in the thousands, and he had read almost every one, on almost every subject. But one day, his natural roguish instincts got the better of him, and he issued himself the task of obtaining and absorbing the information held in the deepest chambers of the Optistery: The Hall of Forbidden Texts. His curiosity, and indignance at being denied anything in his world, proved too strong to resist, and he invaded that inner sanctum to uncover the mysteries it held. Anciient History, forgotten history, and forbidden magic were all described in thse texts; information which now only he and a few select individuals knew existed at all. But, Tricky was caught reading during one of his transgressions, and brought to face a Tarutaru court. All the ministers of all the schools of Windurst presided, and debated what to do with the lawbreaker. Many of them had seen him, and even talked pleasantly to him, as he had sat in the common areas of the library in the past, and were eager for leniency. Doctor Shantotto, Minister of Black Magic and Curses, had less pleasant ideas for his punishment, which several other higher-ups seemed willing to go along with for the sheer novelty and entertainment value they might provide.
In the end, the verdict surprised Tricky. It was determined that someone posessing his particular set of skills, armed also with this forbidden knowledge, would be a great boon to the Federation, and as such, he was conscripted into the service of the great nation of Windurst. His first task, probably dictated by Shantotto in an effort to humble him, was to teach educational rhymes to young Taru-taru for an unspecified period of time. But even more surprising was that they also granted him, by way of payment, unrestricted access to the texts which were still held taboo to the majority of the world.
For both parts of his sentence, Tricky would be eternally grateful.
Particularly now. During his readings, he had stumbled across an ancient text concerning a magic called "Medical Science", a craft which used raw materials, alchemy, and even odd machines to heal wounds, insted of tapping the planet's manaforce. Since he had not been naturally gifted with magical aptitudes, he knew of no other path that might lead him to a cure for what ailed Satorii, which, having recalled other texts he had encountered, he was now more certain than ever was some sort of posession.
One of the texts was in storage with a friend in Bastok, an old Galka who refused to move on, who went by the name Zurumonde. Tricky met him at noon, and the two talked for the remainder of the evening about what might be done. The best result they came up with was from the chapter entitled "Correcting Biorythmic Impurities"; basically, exorcism. It detailed a process through which a certain combination of ingerdients could be entered into a certain machine to produce a circlet that would restore a person's natural mental state. The problem was, these machines were long lost to the world; their locations only hinted at in the texts, identifed only by geographic features which had long since eroded from the landscape. The best clue they had was the ancient name for the area now known as "Rolanberry" was listed as a "prospective" location; perhaps this book had originally been published prior to its construction.
The only problem was, the only place in Rolanberry that still held any mysteries was a deep, dark, practically unmappable network of twisting caves, affectionately referred to by adventurers as "Crawler's Nest".
Tricky had a deep fear of uncharted areas, he had gotten lost in the jungles of Yuhtunga at a very young age and had nearly died. Today, he had developed an almost compulsive addiction to at least glancing at a map frequently, even when he walked through well known areas.
And here he was, faced with venturing into a dark, unmapped area, full of monsters more than capable of killing him, looking for an unspecified location that might not even exist. This didn't look good.. but the pursuit of this small hope was the only justification he had for abandoning Satorii that night, and he knew he couldn't stop now. He headed for Crawler's Nest.

Upon reaching the nest, he found a party that was hunting in the area, and asked if he could fight alonside them until they reached the deeper areas of the tunnels. After a brief demonstration of his skills, they were more than happy to take him aboard. They fought countless giant insect, from pulsating, ps-filled Crawlers, to gigantic, rage-addled scorpions, but Tricky saw nothing even resembling a machine of any sort, only the thick webbing and excrement that lined the walls. The party made their way to the deepest known levels, when the leader stoppped them.
"Crap" he said. "Exorays"
Exorays were a particularly nasty species of sentient, carnivorous fungus, and their almost cute appearande had caused the death of many an adventuring party. Here, there were whole groups of them, and they had clearly just had a taste of a previous group, but not a full meal. "We're going back" said the leader. "This is stupid. I'm not risking our lives on your wild goose chase." The party turned to leave, but a gigantic beetle, easily the size of a man, had burrowed up behind them. "OUT OF THE WAY!" the leader shouted as the beetle charged, but Tricky, who had been casting his eyes about the room to find some last hope of what he sought, was clipped in the side and sent flying toward the wall. He tucked in and braced for impact...
And then everything went bright.
He hit the ground hard, and skidded across a surface much smoother than the floor in the Nest could possibly have been. He opened his eyes slowly, adjusting them to the bright, white light that was definately NOT the sickly green luminosity of the lichens of the cave.
He was in a smooth white hall, which looked, impossibly, impeccably sterile. He looked back the way he had come, and saw a cave wall completely blocking the entrance. He went to touch it, see if it opened... and his hand passed right through. "HA!" he exclaimed, instantky regretting it as his voice echoed in the long chamber. He looked behing him, and his heart leapt.
At the far end of the hall, was a giant Cermet Door. Doors such as these were a trademark of ancient technology, and a sure sign to Tricky that he had found what he had been looking for. He ran to the door, hit the panel along its side, and it opened effortlessly. What he saw inside made his heart sink a little.
The room here was nowhere near as pristine as the hallway that had lead up to it. The mold of the cave had crept in here, possibly through a crack in the rear of the structure, and the lighting flickered intermittently, often going completely dark. The stench of old, but unchecked decay hung in the air. Something had, at some point, fed in this very room.
But that wasn't something he could worry about, because it was the item in the center of the room which held his focus. Tall, skeletal, and faintly glowing, was a machine, exactly like the one sketched in his books. The panels on the front were glowing and blinking patiently, a sure sign that they still worked. He stepped up and ran his finger along the blue panel on the front of the device. It was wet, and cold, but the water upon it was very pure. Suddenly, a crackling voice popped into his head.
"Ent.r.... gistration.. nmbr... if you ..r... Doctor... or..reg....st...number... 8 digit... now"
Tricky blanched. He obviously did not have a Doctor's registration number, and was unsure if anyone on the planet still would have one that wa recognized by the device... But he had heard the machine mention that the code was 8 digits... and he had cracked worse before. A numberpad had appeared on the blue screen, and he started his decoding, as he always did, with a random guess.
"Doc..r..ergistati...NOT approved... Appren..e..status ..anted."
"Crap" Tricky breathed, and set about his task. He had no idea where he was, or how to get back, so he may as well park himseflf here until he got some results.
"Doc..r..ergistati...NOT approved... Appren..e..status ..anted."
Tricky sighed.
Tricky was too intently focused on the flickering blue panel to notice when the lights faltered, and darkness swirled around him.
The lights faltered and darkness swirled around him
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Apr. 1st, 2005 @ 09:22 am Same Night, Tricky's Point-of-view.
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Tricky had been driven into a near frenzied state by the welcoming contortions of Satorii's body under his nimble fingers, but, knowing her relative inexperience with such things, he had resolved to be content to take direction with only the barest improvisation. He had really not expected for things to go as far as they had, but as the evening wore on, he had begun to notice that Satorii was sending out some very strong and clear signals that he had seen many times before... but he knew that she had to be in the rider's seat... not only had she drunk a *staggering* amount, but was also still very new to the world of sensual pleasures... Back in her Mog House, however, she seemed a completely different animal from the girl he had cruelly made blush 6 distinct shades of red in the past. This Satorii was Predatory, Sensually Charged, and had a Wicked Imagination. Tricky had seen some dramatic changes in women before, as they neared moments of intimacy, but never one quite like this... in his drunken state, he was more than willing to attribute it to her previous repression, and his completely overpowering charm. He set about his task that evening slowly, but was was surprised to find Satorii's body responding in ways, pressing back in ways, that he normally attributed to a far more advanced student... he looked up to make sure he hadn't brought the wrong Mithra into the MogHouse by mistake. But, there was Satorii, eyes aflame with an incredibly dark lust, blood pumping into her cheeks... her hair almost seemed to be floating from her head, giving an illusion of a swirling dark aura...


But, he reminded himself. This was not just another girl. This was Satorii, the High-Bred Mithra of whom Oberons had spoken many times, and whom he knew could roast his rear end to a crisp with a fireball if she felt threatened in any way... he took his time slowing his hand to a near stop, and whispered into Satorii's ear:

"Tell me what you want..."

He breathed hotly, heavily, onto her neck, subtly trying to direct her answer in a... mutually favorable... direction... But was surprised when Satorii's response was not even to give a vague idea of a feeling, or an act; rather, she leapt forward, clawing into him, wrapping herself around him... he was used to pain, and had recieved deeper gashes from Mithran claws, but... these were not beginner moves. And, even if they could be attributed to animal passion, left unchecked, they would surely take the two of them down paths neither was ready to tread with the other...
Tricky extricated himself, looking deep into Satorii's dark eyes, devoid of recognition, unfocusing, wild. "You've stopped talking to me Sat..." he said, "just tell me what you want,". In order to proceed, he needed something, anything to tell him that she was still in control, and that there would be no violent repercussions the morning after...

"I'll say anything you want to hear..."

Tricky's mind snapped into sobriety. As a Thief he had been in the business of protecting his life against threats for years, and the important parts of his mind and body had been honed to instinctively react when something wasn't right. He hung back, mind flooded with a flurry of input, now making its way through his ale-addled synapses in one big rush. "What's going on? Why is her voice so strange? Look at her eyes. Where did she learn that?" and one thought above all others: "What can I say to find out?" He knew in an instant that the evening's romantic possibilities had come to an end. And his mind pulled out the only sure way to give the Mithra, who was in the process of tearing off her clothes, some cruel pause:

"Then tell me what you ever loved about the Elvaan."

Bingo. Something paused wthin her, and her body convulsed... It was now more clear than ever that something wasn't right. Again, his mind instantaneously took in every variable it could conceive: "What could it be? Is it stronger than me? Does it know I'm onto it? Is Satorii still there? Can I take this thing? Is it anything at all? Am I just being paranoid?" But again, one thought above all others: "If this is something big, can I do this without harming Satorii?". As he watched her, now holding her head, clearly in the throes of an inner struggle, he reluctantly realized that he could not. He had no magical aptitude; his only real skills involved quick, clean kills, lockpicking, and lovemaking; all three of which were not only more similar in their execution than most people realized, but would also be completely useless here. His body was already in Escape-mode Autopilot, making it's way to the door, saying whatever was needed not to arouse suspicion. Before he fled, he realized that he needed to do any small thing to give Satorii some sort of edge in this battle he knew he could not help her fight... He had tucked into his under-belt, at any given time, a number of small satchels of enchanted powders, made in the industrial (and largely magic-less) city of Bastok, which simulated the effects of several handy spells. He ran his thumb along the lumps under his tunic, counting until he met the only one that had any chance of being of any help... "Demon Ward". He ran his thumb over it in a subtle, practiced motion which caused it's contents to spill, hopefully unnoticed, upon the floor. While simultaneously hoping it was, and wasn't what was needed, Tricky fled into the night, praying that Satorii had enough strength to make it through whatever this was... he collapsed in his MogHouse, but only for a short time.. he couldn't abandon Satorii to any further degree: If it was really nothing, then she would be fine, but if it WAS something, he had to act fast. He arose and began making hasty preparations for a trip to Bastok...
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Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 10:22 am (no subject)
As time continued to pass, Satorii felt herself changing. Her encounter with Tricky had left her feeling fractured somehow, different that before. It wasn't him really, the two had become fast friends and she truly felt that he was a good person, perhaps a little wounded behind all his strength and cunning.

She worked on her missions and quests each day, biding her time away from Oberons and preying for normalcy to return to her life. Despite the distance between them, he stayed in her thoughts and every day away from him the darkness within her grew just slightly. She attributed the negative energy she was feeling to the pain of losing Oberons, and continued to battle and run errands for Windurst and the star sybil.

Unbeknownst to Satorii, a minion of the shadowlord lurked on the edges of her perception -both within her and without. Tatari, her attacker from Yuhtunga, was holding arcane meetings with an invisible presence that had won him over with promises of fame and wealth. This subtle evil had tenticles all over Vana'diel and was manipulating even Tatari into service to the dark one. Slowly, just as ominous forces were growing around the nations of Vana'diel, so they were within the souls of Tatari and Satorii -he as predator and she as prey.

Finally, Tricky and Satorii were on the linkpearl at the same time for a day and Satorii felt herself needing to see him again. She had enjoyed their drinks, and although she knew their last evening together had nearly ended in regret -she couldn't fight the urge to invite him out again. They met in the grasslands around Sarutabaruta, and headed to the tavern outside the Orastery.

As they ate and drank, Satorii could feel herself slowly slipping away. In her own mind she knew that Tricky was a good friend to have, and about as close to Oberons as anyone she'd ever met. But in that part of herself that she had felt growing since Oberons' apparent rejection, something else seemed to be stirring. Something that ignored the possible consequences of her attraction to Tricky, and replaced her painful longing for Oberons with a dark quiet aggression. She knew better than to give in to this side of herself, this sinister new resident of her soul -but as the drink kept flowing, she felt herself more and more willing to let go of the hold she had on herself.

Again, Tricky's playful banter led to long hard stares and the occasional thrilling contact. She pushed herself beyond the warning flags that signaled her drinking threshold. She became intoxicated to the point that she felt as if she were watching herself interact with Tricky and the world around her. From afar she watched herself flirting with him, drinking with him, goading him on to his own drunken revelry. It was a unique sensation, to be outside of herself, and despite the fact that her emotions seemed not to affect her in this state -no pain, no aching or longing- she felt a twinge of fear. Somehow she knew that bad things were happening to her, but either she didn't care enough or she wasn't able to react.

Separated from her own body, Satorii watched as she and Tricky left the tavern, helping each other to her moghouse where they settled down to talk. She watched as Tricky set her on her bed and sunk into an armchair. She watched him move over to her and kneel before her. Suddenly, with a rush of panic, she found herself within her own body again but unable to control any part of it. She struggled to move her arms, push away the approaching kiss -but she could not. She found herself trapped, an unwilling observer of her own body's willing embraces. He was touching her, kissing her, and while she felt the physical pleasure of her body's hungry responses -she was unable to control any of her body's funtions. Suddenly she heard a voice that was not her own growling lusty promises into Tricky's ear.

Her fear had risen to new heights as she listened to whatever was controlling her body talking through her own mouth. It begged for more, it said things would have made Satorii blush -had she been in control of her own body- and Tricky, for all his libido and eagerness, slowed but a little in his exquisite machinations. He was producing feelings that Satorii had never before experienced, and although he had not defiled her completely -she felt the burn of guilt as the image of Oberons floated in her mind. She struggled helplessly with her possessor, fighting to make the body obey her instead of it. For just a split second she pushed through the darkness and felt tears, physically felt them, streaming down her cheeks. "Tricky?" she managed to cry before she was pushed back down into oblivion.

He slowed, not stopping in his relentless stimulation of her senses, and looked up at her face briefly. He seemed to be even more aroused by what he saw, but nevertheless began to ease up from her body, removing his hands from their wandering businesses. Satorii was again helpless to react, but she prayed with all her might that her small victory would turn the tide of this seemingly inevitable betrayal.

The thing that was speaking through her, controlling her, tearing long raw lines into Tricky's back with her own nails, spoke to him again. She felt fear, dread, and helpless panic overtaking the non-physical sensation of pleasure that had been rising in her own separated mind. Tricky began to push himself up and off of her, saying "What's the matter Satorii? You've stopped talking to me."

The demon, as she was slowly becoming convinced it must be a demon possessing her, suggestively responded, "I'll say anything you want."

Tricky, now having extricated his hands and sat back from her completely now, eyed her with a mixture of suspicion and wanton hopefulness. "Anything?" he asked, pausing dramatically. She nodded, leaning in to invade his space.

"Tell me what you ever loved about the Elvaan."

He watched intently as Satorii's features became a jumbled mass of emotions. She had been in the process of ripping open her top, and at his clever questioning she had frozen -hands poised on either side of her heaving breasts. She had been just about to pounce him, but the mention of Oberons had strengthened the helpless Satorii just enough to win some physical leverage.

Her tears again began to flow -eyes burning with a frightening mixture of hatred and pain. Tricky stood, frowning deeply, as she stared off at the wall -fighting a battle he couldn't begin to know the implications of- and quietly waited. "Perhaps I should go..." he started, glancing back at her with a sort of concerned hopefullness. "That is -unless you don't want me to."

She fell back against the wall, which her bed was up against, and curled herself into a ball. "Go" was all she could mutter as the demon within her thrashed and she barely held her physical form still. His suspicions had been aroused -only slightly moreso than he himself had been aroused- and as he left he smoothly spilled a satchet of scented powder onto the floor with one fluid motion. Closing the door gently, Tricky returned to his own moghouse.

As the door quietly clicked shut, Satorii felt she was losing her grip. Just as she was beginning slide off the bed to stand, a scent drifted to her nostrils and she flew back against the wall. Her back pressing hard into the stone, she heard the demon's voice coming from her mouth again. "You think you can take it back from us?" it began, in a chorus of vocal tones that sent chills through Satorii's heart, "We will bide our time, and you will lose...."

The demon seemed, for all it's threatening fierceness, to be afraid of something. It was fully in control of her body again -but was avoiding the floor next to the bed with all it's might. She felt her hands moving in arcane gesticulations and the demon chanting hurriedly, as the smell increased in strength. A small gust of wind blew the fine powder away from her bed and towards the opposite side of the room. Satorii's captor, however, had already been affected by whatever the stuff was -and she felt it turning within, turning on her.

In her mind's eye, where Oberons' face held dominion for the whole of every day away from him, the face of evil began to take power. Satorii watched, or rather felt, as Oberons stoic features dissapeared and were replaced by features resembling her own. Barely noticeable differences changed her face drastically as the image took over in her mind, and the eyes burned wickedly into her as she watched. Was this what people saw when they looked at her now, she wondered? Oberons was gone now, it told her, and for her insolence she would be punished.

For all it's fortitude, this demon hated whatever had been placed in her room, and Satorii would now pay for it's suffering. Tricky had probably been testing her, she knew, and even as this occured to her the demon's voice returned. "There is nothing you know that I will not," it said, "and as my power over you grows I will be able to convince even your sweet Oberons that I am you. We're going to be having a lot of fun from now on. ...and for every small victory you win over me -I will destroy something you love." She felt, more than heard, the sinister chuckle that accompanied these horrifying predictions.

As she lay on the mattress completely still, a demon began to torture Satorii -within her mind- using every method at it's disposal. Simulated physical suffering, emotional trickery, and mind games began bombarding the helpless spirit that was once Satorii -and there was no one who could save her from it -or rather, no one who would.
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Mar. 23rd, 2005 @ 10:34 am (no subject)
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Satorii immediately sought a party into the jungle and spend the next several days training. Over the linkshell she found a few willing ears to hear her sadness, and even Deciont agreed not to mention the events he had heard over the pearl that week.

Things were going well for her in her training, she was reaching new levels with her casting and become more and more comfortable with the newer monsters her group had encountered. Finally she recieved word that Oberons was looking for a party near the Dem telepoint. She had just recently encountered a strange boy in Jeuno who had come from there, and who gave her a strange charm. She felt drawn to both Oberons and this mystery of the shattered tele crystals, so Satorii headed for Dem.

Once there, she met up with Oberons and two of his comrades. Sumadhi, a fellow mage who seemed intent on farming with Oberons and was quite experienced in battle; and Trickyc, a thief. Tricky was a bit rough round the edges, and sporadically made lewd jokes and comments. He was intriguing to Satorii, perhaps even more so because Oberons had mentioned his name in passing. How could the stiff, protocol oriented Oberons be associated with such a... rogue?

After the party session, which Satorii could only remember little of, the group parted ways. Satorii felt a lingering sadness which she attributed to Oberons cold distance and focus on the fighting. It was comparable to torture, fighting along side him and knowing that he did not want her. He had been his usual protective self, offering advice and praise when as she battled. Satorii bit her lip and fought like a machine.

Now that it was over, Oberons asked Tricky to guide her back to Windurst. Silently fuming at his patronizing attitude, Satorii accepted Tricky's company -she was moderately drawn to this mysterious character and desperately lonely.

The ride back to Windurst was comfortable, and through conversation Satorii felt the two of them becoming friends. Tricky was not so simple as his manner first implied, and despite his forward speak he did not attempt to violate her in any way.

The next day, the two met and started off to Mea where they had been instructed to meet Oberons. On the way they were separated, and Satorii took the ferry alone. Pirates attacked the ship, and Satorii's curiousity was peaked. She hadn't seen the pirates since her first few journeys from Mhaura, and she wondered whether she would be able to fend them off now. Inspecting them from the upper decks, the Crossbones skeletons seemed like a decent challenge. Some part of her mind voiced a warning that she did not heed, and she began casting. Soon several of the pirate's skeletal attackers were on her, beating and clawing at her. She lost the battle, having to be saved by another boat passenger who gave her a stern look and told her to get off the deck.

Satorii's bruised side pained her, but at the same time gave her strength. She gritted her teeth when it smarted, and she wondered -what would Oberons do if I hadn't been raised by some passerby? She bitterly nursed her wounds, inner and outer, as she waited for Trickyc at the Dem teleport.

Oberons never showed up, and although she worried about him momentarily he soon contacted them through the linkpearl. Tricky was needed at Ordelle's Caves.

Satorii almost winced at the omission of her own invitation, but Tricky smiled and assured her they would both be needed. He knew that her magic was growing strong, and the two set off to aid Oberons again.

As they fought, Satorii became less offended by Tricky's mannerisms and even chuckled to herself when he taunted Oberons for being stoic and guarded.

The two headed back to San D'oria after the party and Tricky revealed to Satorii the dungeon he had been kept in for his 16th year of life. Visiting his cell, Satorii soon realized that Tricky had been tortured... horrible things had been done to him by the San D'orian princes, and her heart broke at the thought of a 16-year-old boy being treated in such a way. They cried together, just a little, and the bond grew stronger.

Satorii knew now that Tricky was a complex person, and that his history was darker than most. She had never before visited a drinking establishment in a foreign land -and had never imbibed to excess. At the same time, she recognized the need for drink in Tricky's newly composed features and asked him to have one with her.

...Several hours later, Satorii was swilling a drink called "Dragon's Kiss" at the Rusty Anchor in the docks. It was the closest she'd felt to actually being alive in weeks. Her companion had been drinking much faster, and was farther intoxicated when she slammed an entire tankard of the highly alcoholic concoction.

The rest of the night became blurry for her, but Satorii sensed danger beneath their drunken frolicing. Tricky was a very attractive man, and a few years younger than Oberons. What he lacked in years, he seemed to make up for in sexual exploits -and he was not shy about touting his resume. Satorii struggled with her alcohol fueled lust and her deeply ingrained pining for Oberons.

But Oberons didn't want her after all...

She fought her demons and Tricky as if the two were attacking her from different sides. He wasn't being forceful or intimidating, and he kept looking better and better as the night wore on. She struggled to withhold the comments rising in response to his increasing number of innuendos. Occasionally she would become saddened or break down into tears thinking of Oberons. Her brain was so addled from her first drunken stupor that she could barely keep straight her love for Oberons, her attraction to Tricky, and her desperately wanting something -anything- to happen, to make this feeling go away.

Finally, with the sun already burning away the morning fog, Satorii defeated her inner foes and bade Tricky goodnight. She threw herself onto the bed in her moghouse, nearly writhing with the mix of physical exhaustion and arousal. She fell asleep fully clothed and had fitful sleep, dreaming of passionate physical interactions with a man who's face she could not see.
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Mar. 23rd, 2005 @ 09:32 am (no subject)
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With the help of some passing adventurers from Yuhtunga, Satorii eventually got the unconscious Oberons back to Kazham and an inn. He lay sleeping for a long time, her cure spells unable to repair the already magicked wounds in Oberons side.

She stripped him down to comfortable undergarments and tended the wounds in the old way, washing and wrapping his torso in bandages. Finally, as she was changing the bandages the next day he awoke.

"Satori..." He groaned and seemed to be reaching for her. Already sitting on the bed to tend his bandages, Satorii placed a hand on Oberons' forehead.

"I'm here," she said, shushing him. He stirred and opened his eyes further.
"I'm sorry... I failed you." Oberons winced as she started wrapping the new bandage around his torso, and the rapidly healing wounds in his flesh.

"Shhh..." Satorii reached around Oberons body, turning her head so that her cheek was nearly resting against his bare chest. "You saved me from that -that person. You got there before he could..."

Oberons eyes followed her movements, a mixture of hardness and something else; something unreadable. "M'lady... this is why I don't think it would be wise to continue... in the direction we were headed. I hesitated... Either one of us could make a mistake that would cost our lives."

As he spoke, Satorii felt her heart rising into her throat, and her eyes began to well up with tears... but they had come so far! How could he say this? "Oberons please stop... I can't hear this right now."

"You can't or you won't?" Oberons winced again and coughed as she fastened the bandage finally.

Lifting a cup of water to his lips gently, Satorii sighed deeply. "A little bit of both I guess... "

Oberons continued, driven on by some automatic sense of self-defense, unable to stop himself. "There is too much risk involved... It would not be wise. You are still unfamiliar with the ways of this world. Perhaps it would be best if we didn't..."

Satorii had risen in a panic and began gathering her supplies as he started speaking. She now paused and looked into his eyes desperately, willing him to understand the brevity of his own words.

Oberons continued, "...So would you rather go our separate ways, or continue adventuring together as comrades?"

At this statement, Satorii moved toward the door -pausing halfway there. Tears were openly rolling down her cheeks as she stood with her back to Oberons and worked up a voice to answer him.

"Oberons... I... would never abandon your friendship. I just need some time..." Satorii began walking toward the door quickly. She had to get outside before she broke into pieces.

"M'lady, I do have feelings for you..." Oberons lifted up weakly onto one elbow, but Satorii waved her hand dismissively and quietly rushed out the door before he could finish.

Sighing, Oberons eased himself back onto the pillow and stared at the cieling, guaging how long it would take him to stand and leave. She had done a good job on his bandaging... It would not be long.

Leaning against the door she had just closed, Satorii sobbed quietly. Some part of her died every time Oberons turned her away... only this time the void left behind seemed to be filling with something else. Just when her heart felt like it couldn't possibly get any heavier, something dark began to seep into it. It was much subtler than the raging pain... it was quiet and almost numbing. Wiping her eyes, Satorii went to return her bowl and towels to the kitchen, her face like that of a solemn statue in a cemetary.

She was calm now, and she needed to kill something.
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