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Oct. 15th, 2006 @ 06:00 pm A call for help...
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Xaviar stood panting in the blizzardly wasteland of Xarcabard. Fresh wounds oozed blood that seemed to freeze the moment it made contact with the icy winds. Roughly a dozen slain demons lay around him him along with a two dead tundra tigars. His grip tight around the handle of his axe as he focused upon his final opponent. In his eyes reflected the last demon that stood against him. The standoff seemed to last forever in the howling blizzard, until finaly the demon lost its cool and charged at Xaviar. Xaviar dodged to the side, then hurled his axe at the demon's back. As the demon turned to attack again, the axe caught it in the face sending the demon crashing to ground. Its life slipped away the moment it hit the snowy ground. Xaviar removed his beast helm and rubbed the blood out of his eyes. He squinted as he looked around in the blizzard for any signs of his friends...

Xaviar had received a distress call from someone over his linkpearl. Whom ever called out for help only said they were trapped in Xarcabard being chased by demons. Xaviar wasn't completely sure, but it sounded like it was Satorii. A friend he had not heard from in years. Xaviar was in Fei'yin at the time, so he rushed as fast as he could to where the call for help came from. However as he went to the canyon in Xarcabard where the call came from, an ambush of demons was waiting for him. Xaviar managed to call two tundra tigars to his aid, which tipped the odds and made this fight remotely possible. The fight had been long and tiresome as the demons fought mercilessly and continuely forced Xaviar to run and regroup with his tigars. However, in the end Xaviar managed to rise up as the victor...

Xaviar retrieved his axe from the demon he had slain with it and checked for signs of Satorii and his other friends. What Xaviar found deeply disturbed him. On each dead demon was a possesion of each of his missing friends. In deperation he clicked on his linkpearl and called out;
"Tawny, Tyrson, Phirophix, Oberons, Tricky, Satorii, Sabubaku, Leoliery? Is anyone there?!"
Only the howling of the wind returned his calls of desperation. Not willing to accept the fact that everyone was dead yet, Xaviar pushed on searching the area dispite the growing blizzard that ravaged the land as night crept on. The thick fur on his beast gear would keep him from freezing for a while.
"Am I yet again; a day late, a gil short?"
Xaviar asked aloud...
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Date:October 16th, 2006 03:20 pm (UTC)


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Omigosh... there's a name I haven't seen in a while.

I know Oberons, Tricky, and myself have all switched games... well, Tricky may still play.

Want to write more stories anyway?
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Date:October 18th, 2006 12:45 pm (UTC)

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I suppose ^_^ I wish ya coulda told me y'all quit FFXI! I have been hangin on hoping you would show up once again with the others. I dont think Oberons quit yet. I still see him on like once a week. Trickyc randomly comes on and off. I see him on like twice every 3 months.

Ah well, as they say; If its too good to be true, then its probably isnt true or wont be for long! >_<

Can you perhaps also put up a few stories that explain what happened to everyone(Unless everyone else can also still put something up)
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