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Apr. 25th, 2005 @ 09:30 am A trap is afoot.....
The winds howled, and blew sand in twisting gusts of rain. The Demon Oberons was standing on a cliffside, just outside of Mhaura was staring off into the sea. It was just past sunset, and the storm was coming in from the ocean. The day before, he had just missed the Mithra Satorii and her Hume friend Trickyc in a trap that had failed miserably. The Demon scowled, how could he have failed yet once again. The shadow lord was growing impatient.

"I will get you yet, Satorii. You cannot run forever" Oberons wispered into the rain.

He stood there for many hours. Standing in the rain, biding his time. Finally around midnight, the messenger who he had been waiting for arrived.

Slyly and silently to anyone except the senses of the demon, a goblin arrived at the designated spot.

"I need the services of the Goblin King." Oberons said "There will be two travelers, A Mithra and a Male hume setting out from Bastok. I want the girl captured and brought to me!"

"And the hume?" the goblin grunted.

Oberons smiled in a twisted manner. "Kill him!"

Silently, the two disappeared into the night.


Oberons, the true Oberons, trapped inside his head. Began to grow desperate. He was watching as all the event were unfolding, and unable to stop it. He was trapped, he was helpless. All his lifes training had never prepared him for anything like this. Oberons stood open mouthed, floating within his own mind, and slowly be cried himself to sleep.

In his dreams, he floated thru out the land. Seeing places he had been before, and people he had met along the way. Soon, he came to sandoria, and thru his wandering he found his Mother. Lady deMorpheus, a beautiful woman in the House of Sandoria. Cousin to the king and of noble blood, she was a kind person to the people. Oberons missed his mother, for all that she had done for him and Satorii. He reached out to touch her face, and she woke with a start.

"Mother, help me.." Oberons cried out, but the dream faded.... and he floated thru the world in a dream....

Later... in that dream... he began to search out Satorii. His soul searched and followed her path to Bastok. Drifting thru many houses he found her asleep, in an inn on the outskirts of town... Yearning to smell her, he tried to touch her face. Her body stirred a bit, and he began to cry. "Oh Satorii. What has become of me. How could I be so weak to allow this to happen. Please... I beg of you. Use all the power, that power that has grown so strong, and destroy me. The demon cannot be allowed to live. I beg of you... please..... give me death"

Suddenly, Satorii sat up in bed screaming! As Satorii sobbed with her hands in her face, unknown that he as sleeping beside her, Tricky sat up from the bed to comfort her (with a dagger in one hand)...

Oberons gasped and grew pale. "Satorii.... what??? I....? You??? Him?" Oberons dream began to fade....

as the last thing that Oberons remembers thinking before the dream grew dark was...

"Satorii.... I loved you....."


In the middle of the night, there was things in motion in the deMorpheus household.

Lady deMorpheus, still in her nightgown and shawl, was commanding tea to calm her nerves. She had just had one of the most troublesome dreams. She could sense her son Oberons was in trouble. Thinking back on the week she had heard he arrived in Sandoria, and without a word from him he left again the next day. This was very much unlike him. No matter how busy he was, he always made time to come visit him mother before setting out again into the world. Something was very wrong.

She sent word for one of her most trusted messengers and servants. A friend of the family for many many years.

"My Lady? What services can I do for you this late into the night" he said.

"I need you to take a message to Windurst" Lady deMorpheus said, and she wrote out the last remaining sentances on some parchement before sealing and stamping with the family Seal...

"And whom should I deliver this to?" the messenger asked...

"You are to give to NO ONE, but to the hands of the Star Sybill Herself." Lady deMorpheus sighed.
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Date:April 27th, 2005 05:39 am (UTC)


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I still don't have a wireless bridge in my parent's place and can't log on q^_^;;;p Can't wait to get back into the swing of active storytelling! Hugs and kisses you guys, and tell everyone I miss 'em and'll be on soooon~!
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Date:April 28th, 2005 05:45 am (UTC)

Re: q^_^;p

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We miss you too!!!

I'm having Satorii run away from you in Bastok (see the post I just made) and so if you feel like it, you can talk about what Tricky's doing here in the journal, since it probably won't get roleplayed in game anyway (don't see how). That's the nice thing about this journal. You can get your story fix even if online rp isn't an option.

Tee hee. Anyway, I just kind of assumed that Tricky would be totally awake and just faking when she snuck away, and of course would follow her -thus ensuring his being there when she meets with Oberons and gets captured.

Feel free to expound in your own post. =)
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