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Apr. 23rd, 2005 @ 02:41 pm (no subject)
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It took every last ounce of strength for her not to jump up and hug Tricky around the neck.

Walking out of the Sailor's stay the next morning, Satorii could not swallow the grin that had overtaken her face. She noticed him, buying them tickets for the boat, as she casually strolled across the open area. As soon as she got withint three feet of him, she felt her face get warm again. That damned flushing, pink skinned innocence would not leave her so easily. She made a mental note to ask Tricky for help with that.

Looking up into his eyes, the nervous laugh faded from her face. He had tensed and seemed almost to be sniffing the air. She turned slowly, just in time to see Oberons step out from behind a stack of cargo piled up near the docks. He grabbed her arm roughly, grinning like some twisted demon.

"I told you I'd find you," he snarled, yanking her body off balance and toward the armed escort to his left. "You should have obeyed me."

Tricky yelled something about casting, and Satorii's mind snapped back into action. Mumbling the words to her "Choke" spell, she regained her balance and yanked her arm free of Oberons grasp. Breaking away at the last syllable of the spell, she ran towards Tricky who was jumping the turnstile and motioning for her to follow. THey threw their already purchased tickets at the Galkan guard, who eyed Oberons suspiciously and let them go. Running onto the boat, they heard Oberons strained yelling after them.

"Satoriiiii!!!! You can not escape me!"

The rain began to pelt them as soon as they stepped out onto the boat's deck. Tricky nervousy paced the length of the boat, watching for San d'Orian spies or monsters. Satorii found a dry spot under the cargo tarp at the bow and pulled out her linkshell.

"Oberons what do you want from me? Why are you doing this?" she whispered hoarsely into her cupped hand.

A dry cackle responded almost instantly. "Meet me somewhere... Leave him behind... He is wanted now for helping you. If you come to me, I'll take the price off of his head." Oberons voice was unmistakeable -but somehow she just couldn't understand what had made him so hateful. "If he follows you... he will die."

"Why-" Satorii's question was cut short by the appearance of Tricky's feet around the corner of her cargo shelter. "...fine. I will meet you in San d'oria as soon as I can. Just please.. leave him alone."

She stuffed the shell back into her sack and climbed out from under the tarp, smiling sheepishly.

"Still taunting?" Tricky asked with his usual cocky grin. He seemed so cool and collected all the time. He hadn't said a word about the previous nights lovemaking. Satorii fidgeted with the hem of her shirt.

"Yes..." She looked up at him with genuine fear in her eyes. "I'm scared. Why is he after us like this?"

Tricky placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "I don't know Sat. I've never really trusted that Elf." His eyes became hard for a moment. "...or any San D'orian for that matter..."

As the two of them stood and watched the rain clouds slowly blow over, they both shuddered at memories past. Bastok was coming into view.
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