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Apr. 15th, 2005 @ 02:46 pm double trouble...
Oberons floated thru Sandoria behind the glass walls of his prison. He heard the familiar voices of comrades and townsfolk as the demon strolled thru his hometown. He could see places that brought back memories of his childhood. It was so very strange to see it all from this within his own mind.

Before long, the demon had walked into the Sandorian Knighthood Temple. Oberons could only imagine what the demon had in mind.

The demon, walking around seemingly knowledgeable to the ways of the Knighthood, made an appointment with a high ranking senior Knight of his Order.

"On what business do you wish to see his Honor?" the officer asked of the Demon.

"I wish to report some unusual activity regarding the charge that I had was previously assigned" the demon calmly said in Oberons voice.

The Officer took the message of into the temple, while the demon waited for a response. Oberons began to think, what kind of activity, what is this Demon up to? Before he could start pondering the answers out, the officer returned and beckoned them to follow. After a quick walk thru the temple, they were led to an outside courtyard full of blooming flowers and greenery. The Knight Temple's royal gardens. Oberons had been here many times before, but just like before, everything seemed different from within his prison. The garden took on a new look to him, the beauty of it over took him, and Oberons felt a warmth within his heart.

One of the more private sections of the gardens, the officer led the demon to the Senior Knight, Sir Raough DiFeourian. He was a battle scarred elder who could still hold his own to any of the stronger more agile youths of the knighthood. He was respected, he was trusted, and above everything else he was Loyal to Sandoria.

"Ahhh, Oberons." Raough turned and spoke, "I just had a meeting with your Mother, Lady De'Morpeous. Her beauty still shines in the light of Altana. What brings you here to my doorstep on this fine spring day?"

"Sir DiFeourian, I give thanks for allowing me this meeting with you on such short notice, But I must speak with you about the girl Satorii. It is most urgent!" Oberons voices was heard coming from the demon.

"Oberons, whets all this “Sir Difeourian”? You know me better than that! We have been friends for years, ever since I was there for your birth; just call me Uncle Raough like the old days... Ahh, I guess those days are over, and you are all grown up and in the Knighthood. Your Father would be proud..." Raough chuckled out loud, "What is this business with the Mithra girl, has she gone and blow herself up with her own magic, or possibly frozen a tiny Taru?"

"No, my lord, this... is most dreadful news... but I believe..." the Demon feinted his emotions to make it seem as if it was a difficult thing to say "I believe she is possessed by a demon"

Raough turned sharply towards the young knight with a look that even the true Oberons had never seen cross his brow. “Yes, this is most important, and of utmost seriousness. Please… continue your story”

After about an hour of stories, some lies, some truths, the Senior Knight breathed out a heavy worrisome sigh. “This is more serious than I could have imagined. And I am sure that this news must be a great shock for you, since you have known the girl since your childhood, is that not true?” The demon paused for a moment, and then nodded his head.

“My Lord! I believe the best possible route is to lure the girl back to Sandoria, and apprehend her here. Then, we can truly find out if she is in allegiance with a demon.” Oberon quickly noted “And I think I will be able to convince Satorii to make the trip. As much as the demon may have control over her, she still believes that I am her protector. She will come to me”

Raough sat in the garden for a long time, in thoughtful silence, until without even a look at Oberons he spoke, “Make it so.”

As the demon step out of the temple, a grin crossed his face. The plan was going perfect so far. As he turned down one of the many twisting alleys of Sandoria, he finally came face to face with someone he had been expecting all alone.

“Ahhhh, It is good to see you back on this plane, Suk”

Oberons.. Deep inside his crystal prison was smashing his fists against the shell at the face he was also seeing.
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