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Apr. 15th, 2005 @ 12:15 pm Continued from cliffhanger comment!
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The door opened just a crack, and Tricky fully expected to see Satorii come running back into the room, overflowing with gratitude and relief, promising to saty with him untill he was better...
A long slender leg, looking for all the world like Satorii's, wove it's way seductively through the crack. That was most certainly NOT Satorii, not unless her sensual possessor had returned... he tensed his muscles, stifling a cry of pain... as he did so, a familiar face darted around the door...
"Oh... it's you." Tricky slumped down again, letting out his breath and grimacing against the pain. "What do YOU want?"
The figure who had so rudely invaded his Mog House was none other than Nanaa Mihgo, the most prominent active Thief in Windurst. She lived a life of opulence built on misappropriation, and had invited Tricky on numerous occasions to do the same... The two had done some incredible things together i the past, but lately, Tricky's sense of loyalty and duty to the people of Windurst led him to reject her every offer, no matter how lucrative. These days, their rivalries resmebled those of a bitterly divorced couple; still bound by attraction and recognition, while driven apart by regrettably, yet irreconcilably differnt goals.
Nanaa strode toward the bed, emphasizing the motion of her hips. "Well, well, Trricky... You always DID like it rough... but how much did THIS cost you?" The gears in her head whirred unabashedly into motion, marvelling at the prospect that the cause of this damage upon Tricky's form could have possibly beenthat innocent looking Mithra who had left only moments earlier.
"Shut your mouth stray." Tricky shot back. "It's not like that. Why are you here?"
"Well, I can't help but notice that therre's no blood anywhere but on the bed..." she glanced at him, and saw that he was clearly not going to divulge anything more o he subject. Unfortuately, her timeframe did not allow her to pry any deeper into the mater: she was here on business.
She spun around and sat heavily on the bed, jarring Tricky's wounds and even cracking one of them open. He groaned for only a moment, but cut himself short, not wanting to awaken her sadistic streak. "There, there, poorrr baby..." Without looking back, she patted him firmly on the chest with an open palm, sending his mind into a spiral of agony. Too late. He gritted his teeth and released his breath slowly.
"We have been summoned." she said simply, slapping an envelope onto his forehead, covering his eyes. "The Tenshodo needs a job done, ad they need people with a certain set of skills to do it. They've asked me to enlist your aid."
The Tenshodo. Tricky bristled at the name. If Nanaa Mihgo was the mastermind behind the black market dealings in the town of Windurst, the Tenshodo saught to hold a similar Monopoly over the whole of Vana'diel. No one was sure who ran the organization, or what motives lay at it's core, but their methods were to ruthless to be mistaken for directed benevolence. Even Nanaa refused to ally herself with them fully, offering instead her explicit cooperation with their work in exchange for some measure of personal freedom. Tricky refused to work with them at all, a move which had earned him a black mark in their books.
"Take it away, Nanaa" he hissed. "And tell them I'm not going to be anyone's pet."
"Hey, I'm not theirr pet!" she pouted, seeming genuinely hurt by the insinuation. "And it's different this time. They just want to offer you a one-time only job, real simple, no grey stuff involved, okay?"
"Yeah, and when I show up at their headquarters, they jump me and try to get me in their stable again. No thanks."
Nanaa looked off towards the door. "They've called a truce on this one, it's that important to them... besides..." She scuffed her feet. "I.. told them you were working for me again anyhow. So they don't need your personal allegiance, just your skills."
Tricky took affront at her deception, she having effectively told them that he was her henchman, but knew at the same time that it had been a great favor from Nanaa to have done so, as that was the only reason she stood here now, attempting to enlist him, as opposed to a Tenshodo heavy who might have applied.. crueller... methods.
Realizing that he was in no mood or condition to start a war at this point, he reached slowly, painfully, for the envelope upon his face. Nanaa offered no assistance.
"Okay," he breathed. "What do they want me to do..."
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Date:April 15th, 2005 07:35 pm (UTC)
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OOoh... ::bites nails::

I want more... /grins roguishly
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Date:April 15th, 2005 07:44 pm (UTC)
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Damn girl.. fucking get yourself a fucking romance novel or somthing!

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