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Apr. 13th, 2005 @ 04:07 pm trapped within.....
conscienceness.... waking up... drifting...

Oberons awoke.. startled.. Was it a dream?

But as his eyes focused.. his dream became a reality turned nightmare. He was suspended, floating, inside a glass structure... further investigation he relized he was floating INSIDE a crystal. There was no gravity, and he was just there. After this initial shock, he discovered that he could see crystal clear pictures beyond the glass. The world outside... and he could strangely hear the sounds... But where was he? How was this crystal floating thru the world with him in it?

Suddenly... the picture started to change shape, and begin to warp. An strange voice sounded inside the crystal. The voice said.... "Ahh, I see you are finally awake inside.. I hope you are enjoying the view"

"Who are you? What do you want? Why am I trapped inside this crystal?" Demanded Oberons....

"Ahhhh, so the Paladin has questions. While I may answer a few, some of them I will refuse to answer. You are trapped inside that crystal by your OWN will, and by some divine fate and assistance. The Dark Lord is not pleased that he could not extract any information from you, so instead, he plans to use you to further his own means. He would have just simply destroyed your soul if he hadn't been thwarted... As for what he wants" the sickly voice chuckled "That will all become apparent in due time.."

Oberons screamed, "You cannot use me, I will not allow it, I will end my life before I allow the Shadow Lord to use me for any Evil deed!"

The voice laughed in a high pitch tone that would have scared any living creature within hearing. "Oh, but you will, and you have no choice." And the vision seen thru the glass turned and went close to a near by stream and seemed to look down, and before him he saw a reflection of himself into the water... and the voice he heard slowly changed from the high pitched to the familiar voice of his own....

"You see, You really have no choice... because.... To answer your first question.... Who am I?? I am you! Everything I wish to do, this body, this vessel, will do for me. I can command any magic and abilities that you possesed before plus some of my own special abilities.. You, my stupid little elvaan, are trapped within your own mind. Able to watch and listen to all that unfolds... but unable to react. Should you decide that you cannot bear to watch, just drop that silly divine protection that surrounds you, and we will feed the information and your SOUL to the Shadow Lord."

He watched as the image, his own face, smiled a devilish smile back to him thru the reflection. He could even catch a faint glimmer of red deep inside the pupils.

"Like I said before, enjoy the view while you can... soon, things are going to change. For You, your friends, and dear, sweet, innocent, Satorii.." The demon began to roar with laughter, but using Oberons voice.

"NO! You CANNOT! I will not let you!" Screamed Oberons from within his prison...

And with that, the body of Oberons turned around and before him he recognized a familar road. Oberons curled up, unable to fathom the plans that the demon had in mind. He looked up once again, to see the road... the main road.... leading to Sandoria....
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Date:April 14th, 2005 12:58 am (UTC)


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i'm so excited!!!

...And the saga goes on...
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