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This livejournal is a forum for members of the linkshell WakingDream to document, in story format, the plots and twists of their characters and roleplaying sessions.

This is a story journal, based on the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XI.

The beginning is at the end, so check out the archive if you want to start at the start. January 3rd 2005 it began...
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Oct. 15th, 2006 @ 06:00 pm A call for help...
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Xaviar stood panting in the blizzardly wasteland of Xarcabard. Fresh wounds oozed blood that seemed to freeze the moment it made contact with the icy winds. Roughly a dozen slain demons lay around him him along with a two dead tundra tigars. His grip tight around the handle of his axe as he focused upon his final opponent. In his eyes reflected the last demon that stood against him. The standoff seemed to last forever in the howling blizzard, until finaly the demon lost its cool and charged at Xaviar. Xaviar dodged to the side, then hurled his axe at the demon's back. As the demon turned to attack again, the axe caught it in the face sending the demon crashing to ground. Its life slipped away the moment it hit the snowy ground. Xaviar removed his beast helm and rubbed the blood out of his eyes. He squinted as he looked around in the blizzard for any signs of his friends...

Xaviar had received a distress call from someone over his linkpearl. Whom ever called out for help only said they were trapped in Xarcabard being chased by demons. Xaviar wasn't completely sure, but it sounded like it was Satorii. A friend he had not heard from in years. Xaviar was in Fei'yin at the time, so he rushed as fast as he could to where the call for help came from. However as he went to the canyon in Xarcabard where the call came from, an ambush of demons was waiting for him. Xaviar managed to call two tundra tigars to his aid, which tipped the odds and made this fight remotely possible. The fight had been long and tiresome as the demons fought mercilessly and continuely forced Xaviar to run and regroup with his tigars. However, in the end Xaviar managed to rise up as the victor...

Xaviar retrieved his axe from the demon he had slain with it and checked for signs of Satorii and his other friends. What Xaviar found deeply disturbed him. On each dead demon was a possesion of each of his missing friends. In deperation he clicked on his linkpearl and called out;
"Tawny, Tyrson, Phirophix, Oberons, Tricky, Satorii, Sabubaku, Leoliery? Is anyone there?!"
Only the howling of the wind returned his calls of desperation. Not willing to accept the fact that everyone was dead yet, Xaviar pushed on searching the area dispite the growing blizzard that ravaged the land as night crept on. The thick fur on his beast gear would keep him from freezing for a while.
"Am I yet again; a day late, a gil short?"
Xaviar asked aloud...
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Apr. 28th, 2005 @ 12:41 am (no subject)
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Satorii lay next to Tricky and quietly smiled to herself. He had taken her to a small hiding place that was obviously meant for one thief, in order for them to sleep. His friend, Cid, had grumbled something about seeing him the next day when they'd visited. He had been quite enthralled with whatever design he was working on at the time.

Next to her, Tricky's breathing slowed and evened out to signal his state of deep sleep. Turning onto her side, to watch him sleep, she wondered when they would explore each other again. It had only happened the one time, so far, and she felt herself growing more and more attached to him each passing moment. Strange, she thought, how easily she had fallen for him after the heartbreak of Oberons rejection. Somehow the two of them had connected even before she contacted Oberons in the jungle, but the bond they had shared had been one of friendship and understanding. Slowly the small cozy room around her faded, and all she could feel was Tricky's warm body next to her. Satorii drifted off to sleep.

...Nightmares. They had been haunting her sleep since the day Oberons had pursued them from Jeuno. Usually, she saw him fighting or being injured, but sometimes she saw his face only. Vile, angry, full of malevolence -unusually emotive for Oberons. His face had always been so impassive, so cold. These dreams, however, frightened her. The one she was having as she lay with Tricky in the theives den in Bastok was particularly harrowing.

Oberons was towering over her, as she knelt at his feet. He seemed to be waiting for something, grinning down at her with a menacing glint in his eye. He reached out a hand to touch her face, and suddeny his whole face changed. It was right in front of hers, taking up her entire field of vision, and his eyes were no longer cold or hard or wicked. They were afraid and filled with tears. She saw his mouth form her name, and the hurt and fear in his eyes shocked her. He seemed to be begging for death, for her to kill him. Her resistance to these feelings violently forced her out of the dream. Waking with a start, she screamed and sat up in bed. Tricky reacted immediately, almost pre-cognitively, and bolted upright with his dagger in hand.

She could still feel the spot on her cheek where Oberons' cold fingers had brushed against her skin. But this was part of the dream... surely not real.

Holding her face in her hands, she turned her tear-filled eyes to Tricky, who had taken thorough stock of the situation by this time. He tucked his dagger back under the bedding and reassured her, reaching out to embrace her. Crying silently, Satorii struggled to understand the vision she had been given.

"Something's not right," she whispered into Tricky's shoulder, holding on to him with all her strength. "He's afraid of something... I can't..."

As he shushed her and laid them both back down, Satorii curled against Tricky's side and rested her head on his strong shoulder. She was pained by the disturbing images behind her eyelids at night, but thankful beyond words that she wasn't alone. Closing her eyes, she tried to relax by counting the steady breaths beneath her head. He seemed to be asleep again.

Quietly, carefully, she began to sit up. She knew that Tricky was a thief and a master of silent movement -so she took pains not to disturb him or make a sound. He moved just a little as she slipped out the door and into the night, but she was almost positive he hadn't awoken.

Slipping down the Bastokan streets, Satorii cloaked herself and bought passage to Jeuno on an airship. She had to keep Tricky safe, and this was her only chance.


The Tenshodo headquarters never sleeps. After inquiring about an emergency audience with Aldo, she was finally granted admittance just hours before dawn. Apparently he never slept either.

Sitting in the common room among the black market merchants and the general riff-raff who served the mysterious organization, Satorii's gaze kept returning to a dark stranger at the counter. He was wrapped from head to toe in dark fabric, some foreign garb to be sure, and exuded a sort of power. It was different than the sort of energy she'd sense from a caster or a summoner, though. This man seemed strong in a different way. She was intrigued almost as much by his manner as by the fact that his eyes kept meeting hers with their cool quiet gaze.

Huddled in her cloak and feeling quite sleepy from her late night travels, she was just nodding off when her name was barked from Aldo's hallway. Standing and composing herself, she lifted her chin and followed the underling to Aldo's chamber.

Having hand delivered a letter to Aldo from the archduke of Jeuno just a short time ago, Satorii had at least that recognition on her side. Tricky's warnings of the dangers of dealing with the Tenshodo rang in her ears, but she had no other choice.

"I am formally requesting ...well... " Satorii paused. She was so uncertain, but she couldn't let it show. She needed help and had nowhere else to turn. All the people she cared about in the world were either turning against her, or had been endangered by their very association with her. This was the last hope.

"-A favor" Aldo finished her sentence while she mulled over what exactly she was doing. He smiled, charming and endearing and deadly all at once. She shrank from him internally, even as she began reacting to his game of polarities with a smile and a flirtatious strut.

"Yes. You see, after our first meeting not so long ago I was made aware that San d'oria has put a price on my head." Satorii sauntered over to the table in the middle of the room and placed a hand on it, splaying her delicate fingers and admiring them. She had never bluffed so hard in her life, and she was banking on beginners luck.

Aldo approached her, holding his chin thoughtfully. "Favors are indeed one of our many services... I'm sure you realize that the granting of a favor on the part of the Tenshodo requires a certain degree of ...shall we say reciprocity?" He his predatory grin chilled her from across the table.

Swallowing, she inhaled deeply to cover her combination of revulsion and dread. Satorii met his gaze and leaned over the table just slightly, toward him. "I do... What would be expected in return for a disguise, a weapon... and perhaps a small amount of training with said weapon?" Satorii rushed a little too much in the last part of her request. She realized as she spoke that she had no knowledge of any weapon other than the staves or wands used by mages. She absolutely could not be recognized as a mage. They would be looking for that.

Aldo's grin spread quickly across his face as he watched her. He knew exactly what she was -a young woman with no idea what she was doing. Fortunately for him, this was just the sort of opportunity he took pleasure in exploiting. As she met his eye-contact, almost convincingly, he quickly drew and slammed his dagger into the table between her first and second finger.

Keeping her gaze locked on his, Satorii managed to supress the urge to gasp, yank her hand away, or look down. She had felt the air move from the passing of his hand, but no steel had touched her skin. This was a test, and she recognized it as such. Her stomach jumped into her throat and she concentrated on relaxing it before she was required to speak again. She maintained her gaze, staring straight at Aldo with as straight a face as she could muster.

Nodding his head solemnly, Aldo stood. Walking around the table to stand closer to her he reached down and removed the blade from the wood with a practiced yank. Looking her up and down in the painful silence, he seemed to be appraising her.

A dark figure appeared in the door. It was the stranger who had caught her attention in the common room before she entered. He spoke in a quiet low voice. "You summoned?"

Funny, Satorii thought, I didn't notice him signal anyone. The stranger approached them both, leaning in to hear Aldo's whispered command and nodding in response.

"You will go with this man for now," Aldo started, in a business-like tone. "He will provide you with clothing and a blade. You will train until noon today, after which point our end of the bargain is complete. We will call on you when we feel repayment is due."

Finishing his statements, Aldo barely waited for Satorii's slight nod of approval and walked back into his inner chambers. The stranger quietly beckoned her to follow him and led her out the way they'd come. It was done. She had requested aid and would recieve it... she just hoped it would be enough to allow her to travel from Windurst to San d'oria without having to cast. The training would be hard, but she was a quick learner.

Following the dark stranger from the Tenshodo headquarters, Satorii soon found herself in a very plain room with bamboo floors and rice-paper walls. He spoke not a word, and she dared not ask questions. She briefly inquired as to his name, and he just shook his head quietly and opened an oblong black box he had produced from a floor safe. She was handed a long deadly looking sword. As he presented the weapon, very ritualistically, the stranger looked deeply into her eyes and spoke a word she did not understand.

Pausing, she looked down at the weapon. Her own eyes reflected back at her from the blade, and in that instant she felt a strange stirring within her. Somehow this weapon felt familiar to her -like an old posession she'd forgotten she had. It's handle was comfortable in her palm and the metal edge was almost warm to the touch, like a living thing. Her training had begun, and she suddenly had the energy to respond with all her ability -she was mysteriously anxious to do so. It was going to be a busy day.
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Apr. 25th, 2005 @ 09:30 am A trap is afoot.....
The winds howled, and blew sand in twisting gusts of rain. The Demon Oberons was standing on a cliffside, just outside of Mhaura was staring off into the sea. It was just past sunset, and the storm was coming in from the ocean. The day before, he had just missed the Mithra Satorii and her Hume friend Trickyc in a trap that had failed miserably. The Demon scowled, how could he have failed yet once again. The shadow lord was growing impatient.

"I will get you yet, Satorii. You cannot run forever" Oberons wispered into the rain.

He stood there for many hours. Standing in the rain, biding his time. Finally around midnight, the messenger who he had been waiting for arrived.

Slyly and silently to anyone except the senses of the demon, a goblin arrived at the designated spot.

"I need the services of the Goblin King." Oberons said "There will be two travelers, A Mithra and a Male hume setting out from Bastok. I want the girl captured and brought to me!"

"And the hume?" the goblin grunted.

Oberons smiled in a twisted manner. "Kill him!"

Silently, the two disappeared into the night.


Oberons, the true Oberons, trapped inside his head. Began to grow desperate. He was watching as all the event were unfolding, and unable to stop it. He was trapped, he was helpless. All his lifes training had never prepared him for anything like this. Oberons stood open mouthed, floating within his own mind, and slowly be cried himself to sleep.

In his dreams, he floated thru out the land. Seeing places he had been before, and people he had met along the way. Soon, he came to sandoria, and thru his wandering he found his Mother. Lady deMorpheus, a beautiful woman in the House of Sandoria. Cousin to the king and of noble blood, she was a kind person to the people. Oberons missed his mother, for all that she had done for him and Satorii. He reached out to touch her face, and she woke with a start.

"Mother, help me.." Oberons cried out, but the dream faded.... and he floated thru the world in a dream....

Later... in that dream... he began to search out Satorii. His soul searched and followed her path to Bastok. Drifting thru many houses he found her asleep, in an inn on the outskirts of town... Yearning to smell her, he tried to touch her face. Her body stirred a bit, and he began to cry. "Oh Satorii. What has become of me. How could I be so weak to allow this to happen. Please... I beg of you. Use all the power, that power that has grown so strong, and destroy me. The demon cannot be allowed to live. I beg of you... please..... give me death"

Suddenly, Satorii sat up in bed screaming! As Satorii sobbed with her hands in her face, unknown that he as sleeping beside her, Tricky sat up from the bed to comfort her (with a dagger in one hand)...

Oberons gasped and grew pale. "Satorii.... what??? I....? You??? Him?" Oberons dream began to fade....

as the last thing that Oberons remembers thinking before the dream grew dark was...

"Satorii.... I loved you....."


In the middle of the night, there was things in motion in the deMorpheus household.

Lady deMorpheus, still in her nightgown and shawl, was commanding tea to calm her nerves. She had just had one of the most troublesome dreams. She could sense her son Oberons was in trouble. Thinking back on the week she had heard he arrived in Sandoria, and without a word from him he left again the next day. This was very much unlike him. No matter how busy he was, he always made time to come visit him mother before setting out again into the world. Something was very wrong.

She sent word for one of her most trusted messengers and servants. A friend of the family for many many years.

"My Lady? What services can I do for you this late into the night" he said.

"I need you to take a message to Windurst" Lady deMorpheus said, and she wrote out the last remaining sentances on some parchement before sealing and stamping with the family Seal...

"And whom should I deliver this to?" the messenger asked...

"You are to give to NO ONE, but to the hands of the Star Sybill Herself." Lady deMorpheus sighed.
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Apr. 23rd, 2005 @ 02:41 pm (no subject)
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It took every last ounce of strength for her not to jump up and hug Tricky around the neck.

Walking out of the Sailor's stay the next morning, Satorii could not swallow the grin that had overtaken her face. She noticed him, buying them tickets for the boat, as she casually strolled across the open area. As soon as she got withint three feet of him, she felt her face get warm again. That damned flushing, pink skinned innocence would not leave her so easily. She made a mental note to ask Tricky for help with that.

Looking up into his eyes, the nervous laugh faded from her face. He had tensed and seemed almost to be sniffing the air. She turned slowly, just in time to see Oberons step out from behind a stack of cargo piled up near the docks. He grabbed her arm roughly, grinning like some twisted demon.

"I told you I'd find you," he snarled, yanking her body off balance and toward the armed escort to his left. "You should have obeyed me."

Tricky yelled something about casting, and Satorii's mind snapped back into action. Mumbling the words to her "Choke" spell, she regained her balance and yanked her arm free of Oberons grasp. Breaking away at the last syllable of the spell, she ran towards Tricky who was jumping the turnstile and motioning for her to follow. THey threw their already purchased tickets at the Galkan guard, who eyed Oberons suspiciously and let them go. Running onto the boat, they heard Oberons strained yelling after them.

"Satoriiiii!!!! You can not escape me!"

The rain began to pelt them as soon as they stepped out onto the boat's deck. Tricky nervousy paced the length of the boat, watching for San d'Orian spies or monsters. Satorii found a dry spot under the cargo tarp at the bow and pulled out her linkshell.

"Oberons what do you want from me? Why are you doing this?" she whispered hoarsely into her cupped hand.

A dry cackle responded almost instantly. "Meet me somewhere... Leave him behind... He is wanted now for helping you. If you come to me, I'll take the price off of his head." Oberons voice was unmistakeable -but somehow she just couldn't understand what had made him so hateful. "If he follows you... he will die."

"Why-" Satorii's question was cut short by the appearance of Tricky's feet around the corner of her cargo shelter. "...fine. I will meet you in San d'oria as soon as I can. Just please.. leave him alone."

She stuffed the shell back into her sack and climbed out from under the tarp, smiling sheepishly.

"Still taunting?" Tricky asked with his usual cocky grin. He seemed so cool and collected all the time. He hadn't said a word about the previous nights lovemaking. Satorii fidgeted with the hem of her shirt.

"Yes..." She looked up at him with genuine fear in her eyes. "I'm scared. Why is he after us like this?"

Tricky placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "I don't know Sat. I've never really trusted that Elf." His eyes became hard for a moment. "...or any San D'orian for that matter..."

As the two of them stood and watched the rain clouds slowly blow over, they both shuddered at memories past. Bastok was coming into view.
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Apr. 22nd, 2005 @ 03:31 pm (no subject)
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Tricky? ...are you there?"

Satorii remembered, as she ran toward Jeuno, the small purple shell she had discovered in her sack some time ago. She had seen others similar to it, being used like the linkpearl she once had. Fortunatetly, he responded and agreed to meet her in Jeuno.

The city was bustling as usual, but somehow he found her quickly -standing outside the goblins shop in Lower Jeuno. She nearly fell into him, she was so relieved at finally seeing a familiar face. Showing him the small ring, the whole story poured out of her; how she had made the ring for Oberons, the events leading to her being in Windurst with the stranger, and the return of the ring by a mysterious warrior who would not speak. Before Tricky had an opportunity to voice the concern rising in his eyes, another voice came from the purple communication shell.

"Satorii. Answer me now." It was Oberons, and he sounded strong -uninjured.

"Oberons? Where are you? Are you safe?" Satorii's panic began to ease, only to be replaced by a sense of dread.

"I am in San d'Oria. I want you to come to me here, now." His voice was strangely firm.

He would not explain what it was he wanted, or what had happened to him in the jungle, but his insistence on her coming to San d'Oria increased as the minutes ticked past. She assured him that she would come, with Tricky as an escort.

Oberons' communications became more snyde and biting as Tricky and Satorii prepared for their journey. While Satorii fretted and grew anxious to go, Tricky grew suspicious.

"We'll leave when we're ready Elf," Tricky said -his voice taking a dangerous tone. His eyes told Satorii that something was going to happen soon. He was right.

"Well if you insist on wasting time thus -I guess I'll come to you!" Oberons spat into the linkshell. Seconds later a cry of "capture them!" came from around the corner in the staircase they were on. San d'Orian guards rushed up from below them, as Oberons himself stepped down from the upper level.

"You are accused of treason against San d'Oria and communing with the Shadowlord, Demon!" Oberons pointed at Satorii as his eyes bored into her. She almost imagined they were aglow with demonic rage.

Tricky shoved her past Oberons, drawing his long dagger in the same sweeping motion. "RUN, Satorii!" He called.

Taking a stab at Oberons, who deftly dodged it, Tricky followed her and the two of them dissapeared into the crowd, eventually escaping to Saromaugue Champaign. In the heavy silence that followed, the two of them rode away in shock and disbelief.

Satorii was frightened, confused, and hurt by Oberons sudden accusations. Finally, as they neared Mhaura, a voice came over the linkshell -dry and horrible. "Satorii...."

"Satorii... I will find you both. He will be punished for helping you. Do you really want that?"

SHe tried to ignore Oberons' taunting. How had he become so hateful all of a sudden? It was one thing to shut her out -but this... This was unabated maliciousness.

He continued his quiet barrage of hissed threats, warnings, and dark promises into the evening.

"Meet me somewhere... alone. He'll be killed if you try to bring him. Meet me in San d'Oria..." Oberons whispered.

Finally she stuffed the shell into a garment at the bottom of her bag. Tricky, who was busy with his maps and navigating the terrain, explained to her that they would run to Bastok instead, hiding out with a friend of his who had some political clout. First, they would spend the night in Mhaura.

Entering the Sailor's Stay, Satorii saw the Windurstian flag and asked Tricky if the building was a consulate. He laughed jovially, taking her by the arm and leading her upstairs with a brief explanation. He brought food, and the two of them talked into the night. It helped her some, to talk about all the emotions she'd been dealing with. To discuss Oberons with someone else who knew him, and to reminisce about the few good things she remembered about Windurstian life.

Tricky was a welcome companion, and although they had only known each other a few months -she really cared for him. His amusement at her naivete, which made her furious from other people, actually caused her to blush and smile. She couldn't quite understand the feelings she was having -but Tricky was the one person she could trust right now. He had saved her life and her soul.

As the two of them settled in to sleep on the small bed provided with their single room, Satorii watched Tricky's chest rise and fall with a sullen dissapointment. He seemed to be falling asleep when suddenly his hand began to slowly roam its way up her side. She sucked in a breath and held it...

(to be continued -in a "friends only" post. =) )
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Apr. 15th, 2005 @ 05:06 pm (no subject)
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After her meeting with Tricky in Jeuno, Satorii found her strange subtle mixture of relief and anxiety had only slightly moved toward balance. As they sat together, alternately reassuring and frightening one another with the details of her possession and his subsequent discovery thereof, she felt something stirring within her.

Tricky had something like tenderness in his eyes when he’d warned her that the strange alliances forged by her demon inhabitant may come back looking for her. At the time, she had shuddered at the idea. What would she do if they wanted the demon and found only her?

As she sat outside the mog-houses in Jeuno, waiting for Tricky, a tall elvaan approached her. He seemed to be looking right through her as he stopped just short of where she was sitting and looked down. Clearing his throat, he half-turned away and then stopped.

“Suk…” Uttering this one syllable, he seemed to be searching the ceiling above them. Finally, as Satorii’s heart remained suspended in her throat, he smiled. It was the most jovial smile one could expect from a stranger, but Satorii sensed danger behind it. The common area was crowded with people –as usual- but somehow she was afraid. “Hello,” the stranger said, “We meet again.”

Satorii swallowed hard, climbing up to her feet –her eye was just above the level of this elvaan’s stomach. “…Yes…” she started. What to do!?

“How have you been?” he asked, shifting to face her again. “I almost didn’t recognize you. You’ve changed somehow.”

Satorii’s mind was racing. On the one hand, she had no idea who this person was. Was he another possessed soul, looking to commune with her exorcised captor? Perhaps just an innocent she met along the way. Either way, through this outsider she might glean some insight as to what she had done –or what had been done to her- while she was helpless to stop or remember it.

“Yes. It’s for the best.” Satorii returned, throwing a brave smile out at the stranger. She tried to look as if she recognized him, changing her stance to look more confident.

The stranger smiled slowly, as if he’d just discovered a secret treasure. His eyes narrowed. “Ah. Walk with me a while.” He gracefully nodded his head toward the port.

…Several hours later the two unlikely companions walked the streets of Windurst together. He had purchased an airship ticket for both of them, and seemed to have no particular agenda. Satorii’s fear grew with each passing moment, and she wished with all her might to stumble upon someone –anyone- who could make her feel safe. Tricky would awaken from his slumber to find her not there, and probably move on to some adventure. Oberons was off in the jungle not wanting to speak to her. She had to protect herself –but she also wanted information. She tried in vain to direct the conversation toward their past exploits, but this stranger (whose name she did not know) did not offer anything she needed. He spoke as if they were old friends who had been apart a short time.

Frustrated, and growing more and more nervous by the minute, she told the stranger she needed an extra goblin bag from her moghouse. Dashing in and arming herself to the teeth, she grabbed anything that she thought might protect against demons. She had nothing worthy of note. Even Tricky's powder had disspated into the cracks in the floor.

Stopping for just a moment in her quiet room, she thought again of Tricky. He was not here now, there was no one to help her. Somehow she longed for his brand of danger –that which threatened not her soul but her innocence. Sighing, she took a meditative breath and walked back out into the sunlight.

He was waiting there, exactly as she’d left him. He hadn’t moved a muscle.

They moved off back to the port area and strolled down the docks to chat. Satorii made sure they stayed in public areas, bustling with people. As they sat on the docks, Satorii fiddled with a piece of wood that had come loose from the planks.

The conversation had deteriorated to small talk, and Satorii got the feeling the two of them were waiting each other out. By this point her nerves and senses had been on alert for so long she was beginning to feel frazzled. A warrior, tall and completely encased in armor, walked down the docks toward them. He caught her attention for some reason, moving almost mechanically.

The stranger’s predatory gaze moved from her face to the object of her attention, changing minutely as it fell on the armored traveler. He stopped just before the two of them, staring silently at Satorii.

She stood silently, staring back at the newcomer. He was just as tall as her present companion –tall like Oberons- but his face and body were completely obscured by heavy armor. He looked as if he had run straight through the jungle, armor nicked and mud-encrusted.

Extending his closed hand slowly, his body remained still. The stranger behind Satorii smiled just barely as he looked over her head at the messenger before her. She extended her own hand, open palm up, to receive the ring he dropped into it. Looking down at the delivery, she slowly registered what it was. A delicate shell ring, smudged and dirty. Her name, engraved inside the surface of the ring with her own synth skills, was partly filled with crusted dried blood.

As her free hand moved to cover her mouth, the messenger turned on his heel and began his mechanical walk back down the dock. She had given this ring to Oberons for Valentione’s day not so long ago. At the time, he seemed so close to her… Satorii felt her stomach tighten up in knots. She jolted into action, chasing the armored delivery man and blocking his path with her body.

“WAIT! …Who are you? Where did you get this ring?” She swallowed back her fear and stood staunchly in the way of the silent figure, who paused and stared through his large visor. She struggled to peer inside his mask, even to catch the glimpse of an eye, and was unable to see anything before he started back into action and walked on. His careless brush past Satorii nearly knocked her onto the dock, and she stood and watched him leave helplessly.

Clutching the ring tightly in her right hand, Satorii stood frozen on the dock. Where was Oberons? Did he send this ring or was he hurt? It had blood on it, it had to be his blood…

Was he… dead?

The stranger became suddenly the least of her concerns as he adopted a sort of concerned distance. His words were lost in her jumbled thoughts as she excused herself from his presence and ran off to prepare for her journey. She had to find Tricky… he would know what to do.

She slipped the ring onto her finger as she ran for Jeuno, praying to Altana that Tricky would still be there.
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Apr. 15th, 2005 @ 05:04 pm (no subject)
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Oberons had gone. Satorii's mind reeled as she returned to Jeuno, in a sort of haze. He had shown no compassion, barely even a familiarity, when she found him in the Jungle. She struggled to understand how someone once so affectionate could become so cold and calculating.

She shook her head as if to clear away the image of his impassive face, but the toneless words kept ringing in her ears. He didn't want to see her again.

Finding herself finally back in Jeuno, Satorii finished up some dealings with the goblins in Jeuno's Lower level and went to visit the Auction house on an errand for them. She focused intently on each minute detail of the mundane task, forcibly holding at bay her growing anger at Oberons' complete turn around. How could he not care now? She scolded herself -maybe he had never cared. Perhaps she had been the foolish girl who pined so hard for her "true love" that she didn't realize she was creating something that wasn't there.

Stepping back, away from the bidding counter, she found herself crashing face-first into Tricky's chest. He threw his head back in laughter, that rolling familiar laugh that had been growing on her since they'd met in the party at Promy.

"There you are," he said moving aside to walk next to her away from the crowd. His face, so animated and quick to change modes, flashed a serious look as he spoke quickly, "How did it go?"

She glanced around the open area, staring off at the horizon for a moment to prepare herself. It would hurt to say it out loud. "Oberons... doesn't want to see me again. It's over."

Here she laughed mirthlessly, leading Tricky toward the Goblin's shop. "I guess it never really began, though..."

He smiled understandingly, a strange expression she could not quite read passed over his features. He accompanied her to the shop, nodding in his friendly way to a few passersby he knew. Finally, the errands finished, the two of them sat at the base of the large fountain in Lower Jeuno, talking closely.

"You really had me worried there," Tricky said, clearing his throat nervously. He fumbled with the handle of a dagger on his belt. "I'm glad you're back..."

She smiled weakly, unsure how to plunge into the multitude of questions running through her mind. "I'm sorry about.. before."

He laughed again, breaking up the seriousness and bringing back her cautious smile. The two of them sat in silence for a moment, each one gazing at the scenery around them and darting furtive glances at each other.

"What was it like?" he asked, shifting a little to face her directly.

"Well... I can remember only bits and peices..." She fumbled with the fabric of her tunic, "brief flashes of conversation with people I don't know, emotions... physical sensations..." Her eyes caught his momentarily, asking questions she couldn't speak.

He swallowed hard, searching the ground around them for a response. His face became serious, and he reassured her that nothing serious had happened. The two sat in silence again, until an associate of Tricky's came by and briefly conversed with him. Satorii waited on the fountain steps, mulling over the events of her life and her limited knowledge of physical interactions. Her mind moved back to Oberons. She was more angry than hurt now, imagining him off in some jungle -unaffected by the loss of her. Her brows furrowed.

"You're looking stern," Tricky said, easing himself down in front of her on the ground. The two sat facing one another, as Satorii laughed sarcastically.

"I'm sorry all this happened," she started, frustrated with herself and her own naivete. She flushes pink. "Perhaps I put too much importance on... purity of the flesh."

Here she stares off at the distant horizon, the smooth line of the water is fascinating in it's simplicity. She looks back at Tricky, who's expression flashes from a roguish grin to a suspicious watchfulness.

"Purity of the flesh, eh?" Tricky's eyes darted quickly as his mind worked, he seemed to her so vulnerable in the flashes between his perfectly controlled expressions -yet now he seemed flustered, manic.

In one smooth, fluid movement he slid his long thin blade from it's scabbard at his side and pressed it into the soft flesh of her neck. She stopped her breath, her chin lifted, eyes widening in fear. The cold metal brought her back from the drifting revelrie she'd been in since the meeting with Oberons, and she focused her eyes on Tricky's hard stare.

"If I ever have reason to think it's anyone other than you in there..." Tricky applied the faintest pressure with the blade, she resisted the urge to swallow, "...I'll not be able to help you in any way but this. Understand?"

His eyes seemed to falter for a split second, his muscles were tense and as she leaned back on her hands -frozen in the position she had been in at the time of his sudden intimidation- her breath came back slowly, a long exhalation. Her eyes filled with tears gradually as they sat frozen in this dramatic power struggle.

"Well? Say something to convince me it's you.." His voice cracked the tiniest bit, as he pushed again at her flesh with the cold steel.

She whispered, "Tricky..." her gaze now steadily fixed on his own, unsure what to do or say.

He withdrew and replaced the blade in it's sheath as quickly as he'd drawn it, and she drew in a ragged breath. He looked down at the ground again, as if he were searching for the proper facial expression.

"I think you would know..." she started, reaching out to place a hand lightly on his arm, "If you looked into my eyes."

He nodded silently, clearing his throat again. Somehow, his actions had only frightened her for a second. She knew she was safe with him, and as he moved his arm gently to place his gauntlet under her touch and break the skin contact she had made, she withdrew her hand. He looked back into her eyes and after a brief second nodded his assent.

"I ...would hate to think of you falling into the hands of one of those 'people' you mentioned, Satorii." He started this new strand of conversation, continuing their re-capping of the events of her possession. "Whoever they were, they were in league with that demon -and it could be very dangerous if they come looking for you."

She smiled, reassured that she was forgiven for her weakness and vulnerability to the evil.

Tricky smiled again as well, seeming as he often did, to have some secret thought that amused him. His eyes traveled the length of her body, and she found herself blushing again. He cracked a joke that made her feel accepted as well as embarrassed. His humor was so mercenary, so roguish -yet by saying such inappropriate things, he made her feel as if she were a compatriot. His nature and demeanor set her at ease while they alternately set her stomach to fluttering with giddyness. Suddenly she thought "God he's so good for me..."

"Where have you been all my life, Tricky?" She laughed, attempting to filter the rising affection she had for him.

"I know where I was for part of it," He quipped, a momentary flash of distress giving away the memories he had registered. "Either way, I'm here now."

He paused, "...I suppose you'll be soloing from now on."

She looked up at him, swallowing in nervousness herself. "Well... If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to fight alongside you again. I think we make a good team." Her eyes darted up at his from the spot on the ground she'd been studying.

He met her eye and smiled. "You know... I think Oberons was holding you back... You're not a child anymore, and without him treating you like some pampered object -you've gotten really strong."

She blushed at his praise, pleased with the attention and humbled at the same time. They continued their chat until the evening, when both decided they needed to sleep.

"I'll see you in the morning," Tricky said, patting the hand she had placed on his own. She agreed, and the two went to their rent-a-rooms to prepare for the next day's adventuring. Satorii climbed into bed and sighed contentedly, imagining all the things she might learn from Tricky in the future.
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Apr. 15th, 2005 @ 02:46 pm double trouble...
Oberons floated thru Sandoria behind the glass walls of his prison. He heard the familiar voices of comrades and townsfolk as the demon strolled thru his hometown. He could see places that brought back memories of his childhood. It was so very strange to see it all from this within his own mind.

Before long, the demon had walked into the Sandorian Knighthood Temple. Oberons could only imagine what the demon had in mind.

The demon, walking around seemingly knowledgeable to the ways of the Knighthood, made an appointment with a high ranking senior Knight of his Order.

"On what business do you wish to see his Honor?" the officer asked of the Demon.

"I wish to report some unusual activity regarding the charge that I had was previously assigned" the demon calmly said in Oberons voice.

The Officer took the message of into the temple, while the demon waited for a response. Oberons began to think, what kind of activity, what is this Demon up to? Before he could start pondering the answers out, the officer returned and beckoned them to follow. After a quick walk thru the temple, they were led to an outside courtyard full of blooming flowers and greenery. The Knight Temple's royal gardens. Oberons had been here many times before, but just like before, everything seemed different from within his prison. The garden took on a new look to him, the beauty of it over took him, and Oberons felt a warmth within his heart.

One of the more private sections of the gardens, the officer led the demon to the Senior Knight, Sir Raough DiFeourian. He was a battle scarred elder who could still hold his own to any of the stronger more agile youths of the knighthood. He was respected, he was trusted, and above everything else he was Loyal to Sandoria.

"Ahhh, Oberons." Raough turned and spoke, "I just had a meeting with your Mother, Lady De'Morpeous. Her beauty still shines in the light of Altana. What brings you here to my doorstep on this fine spring day?"

"Sir DiFeourian, I give thanks for allowing me this meeting with you on such short notice, But I must speak with you about the girl Satorii. It is most urgent!" Oberons voices was heard coming from the demon.

"Oberons, whets all this “Sir Difeourian”? You know me better than that! We have been friends for years, ever since I was there for your birth; just call me Uncle Raough like the old days... Ahh, I guess those days are over, and you are all grown up and in the Knighthood. Your Father would be proud..." Raough chuckled out loud, "What is this business with the Mithra girl, has she gone and blow herself up with her own magic, or possibly frozen a tiny Taru?"

"No, my lord, this... is most dreadful news... but I believe..." the Demon feinted his emotions to make it seem as if it was a difficult thing to say "I believe she is possessed by a demon"

Raough turned sharply towards the young knight with a look that even the true Oberons had never seen cross his brow. “Yes, this is most important, and of utmost seriousness. Please… continue your story”

After about an hour of stories, some lies, some truths, the Senior Knight breathed out a heavy worrisome sigh. “This is more serious than I could have imagined. And I am sure that this news must be a great shock for you, since you have known the girl since your childhood, is that not true?” The demon paused for a moment, and then nodded his head.

“My Lord! I believe the best possible route is to lure the girl back to Sandoria, and apprehend her here. Then, we can truly find out if she is in allegiance with a demon.” Oberon quickly noted “And I think I will be able to convince Satorii to make the trip. As much as the demon may have control over her, she still believes that I am her protector. She will come to me”

Raough sat in the garden for a long time, in thoughtful silence, until without even a look at Oberons he spoke, “Make it so.”

As the demon step out of the temple, a grin crossed his face. The plan was going perfect so far. As he turned down one of the many twisting alleys of Sandoria, he finally came face to face with someone he had been expecting all alone.

“Ahhhh, It is good to see you back on this plane, Suk”

Oberons.. Deep inside his crystal prison was smashing his fists against the shell at the face he was also seeing.
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Apr. 15th, 2005 @ 12:15 pm Continued from cliffhanger comment!
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The door opened just a crack, and Tricky fully expected to see Satorii come running back into the room, overflowing with gratitude and relief, promising to saty with him untill he was better...
A long slender leg, looking for all the world like Satorii's, wove it's way seductively through the crack. That was most certainly NOT Satorii, not unless her sensual possessor had returned... he tensed his muscles, stifling a cry of pain... as he did so, a familiar face darted around the door...
"Oh... it's you." Tricky slumped down again, letting out his breath and grimacing against the pain. "What do YOU want?"
The figure who had so rudely invaded his Mog House was none other than Nanaa Mihgo, the most prominent active Thief in Windurst. She lived a life of opulence built on misappropriation, and had invited Tricky on numerous occasions to do the same... The two had done some incredible things together i the past, but lately, Tricky's sense of loyalty and duty to the people of Windurst led him to reject her every offer, no matter how lucrative. These days, their rivalries resmebled those of a bitterly divorced couple; still bound by attraction and recognition, while driven apart by regrettably, yet irreconcilably differnt goals.
Nanaa strode toward the bed, emphasizing the motion of her hips. "Well, well, Trricky... You always DID like it rough... but how much did THIS cost you?" The gears in her head whirred unabashedly into motion, marvelling at the prospect that the cause of this damage upon Tricky's form could have possibly beenthat innocent looking Mithra who had left only moments earlier.
"Shut your mouth stray." Tricky shot back. "It's not like that. Why are you here?"
"Well, I can't help but notice that therre's no blood anywhere but on the bed..." she glanced at him, and saw that he was clearly not going to divulge anything more o he subject. Unfortuately, her timeframe did not allow her to pry any deeper into the mater: she was here on business.
She spun around and sat heavily on the bed, jarring Tricky's wounds and even cracking one of them open. He groaned for only a moment, but cut himself short, not wanting to awaken her sadistic streak. "There, there, poorrr baby..." Without looking back, she patted him firmly on the chest with an open palm, sending his mind into a spiral of agony. Too late. He gritted his teeth and released his breath slowly.
"We have been summoned." she said simply, slapping an envelope onto his forehead, covering his eyes. "The Tenshodo needs a job done, ad they need people with a certain set of skills to do it. They've asked me to enlist your aid."
The Tenshodo. Tricky bristled at the name. If Nanaa Mihgo was the mastermind behind the black market dealings in the town of Windurst, the Tenshodo saught to hold a similar Monopoly over the whole of Vana'diel. No one was sure who ran the organization, or what motives lay at it's core, but their methods were to ruthless to be mistaken for directed benevolence. Even Nanaa refused to ally herself with them fully, offering instead her explicit cooperation with their work in exchange for some measure of personal freedom. Tricky refused to work with them at all, a move which had earned him a black mark in their books.
"Take it away, Nanaa" he hissed. "And tell them I'm not going to be anyone's pet."
"Hey, I'm not theirr pet!" she pouted, seeming genuinely hurt by the insinuation. "And it's different this time. They just want to offer you a one-time only job, real simple, no grey stuff involved, okay?"
"Yeah, and when I show up at their headquarters, they jump me and try to get me in their stable again. No thanks."
Nanaa looked off towards the door. "They've called a truce on this one, it's that important to them... besides..." She scuffed her feet. "I.. told them you were working for me again anyhow. So they don't need your personal allegiance, just your skills."
Tricky took affront at her deception, she having effectively told them that he was her henchman, but knew at the same time that it had been a great favor from Nanaa to have done so, as that was the only reason she stood here now, attempting to enlist him, as opposed to a Tenshodo heavy who might have applied.. crueller... methods.
Realizing that he was in no mood or condition to start a war at this point, he reached slowly, painfully, for the envelope upon his face. Nanaa offered no assistance.
"Okay," he breathed. "What do they want me to do..."
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Apr. 13th, 2005 @ 04:07 pm trapped within.....
conscienceness.... waking up... drifting...

Oberons awoke.. startled.. Was it a dream?

But as his eyes focused.. his dream became a reality turned nightmare. He was suspended, floating, inside a glass structure... further investigation he relized he was floating INSIDE a crystal. There was no gravity, and he was just there. After this initial shock, he discovered that he could see crystal clear pictures beyond the glass. The world outside... and he could strangely hear the sounds... But where was he? How was this crystal floating thru the world with him in it?

Suddenly... the picture started to change shape, and begin to warp. An strange voice sounded inside the crystal. The voice said.... "Ahh, I see you are finally awake inside.. I hope you are enjoying the view"

"Who are you? What do you want? Why am I trapped inside this crystal?" Demanded Oberons....

"Ahhhh, so the Paladin has questions. While I may answer a few, some of them I will refuse to answer. You are trapped inside that crystal by your OWN will, and by some divine fate and assistance. The Dark Lord is not pleased that he could not extract any information from you, so instead, he plans to use you to further his own means. He would have just simply destroyed your soul if he hadn't been thwarted... As for what he wants" the sickly voice chuckled "That will all become apparent in due time.."

Oberons screamed, "You cannot use me, I will not allow it, I will end my life before I allow the Shadow Lord to use me for any Evil deed!"

The voice laughed in a high pitch tone that would have scared any living creature within hearing. "Oh, but you will, and you have no choice." And the vision seen thru the glass turned and went close to a near by stream and seemed to look down, and before him he saw a reflection of himself into the water... and the voice he heard slowly changed from the high pitched to the familiar voice of his own....

"You see, You really have no choice... because.... To answer your first question.... Who am I?? I am you! Everything I wish to do, this body, this vessel, will do for me. I can command any magic and abilities that you possesed before plus some of my own special abilities.. You, my stupid little elvaan, are trapped within your own mind. Able to watch and listen to all that unfolds... but unable to react. Should you decide that you cannot bear to watch, just drop that silly divine protection that surrounds you, and we will feed the information and your SOUL to the Shadow Lord."

He watched as the image, his own face, smiled a devilish smile back to him thru the reflection. He could even catch a faint glimmer of red deep inside the pupils.

"Like I said before, enjoy the view while you can... soon, things are going to change. For You, your friends, and dear, sweet, innocent, Satorii.." The demon began to roar with laughter, but using Oberons voice.

"NO! You CANNOT! I will not let you!" Screamed Oberons from within his prison...

And with that, the body of Oberons turned around and before him he recognized a familar road. Oberons curled up, unable to fathom the plans that the demon had in mind. He looked up once again, to see the road... the main road.... leading to Sandoria....
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